Hopeless Romantic Read Count : 24

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
If you ever knew the longing hopes of love that you never guaranteed to receive, turns iinto deep sorrow of lust where everywhere 
you turn, you seem to be in everyone’s bed used as a toy thinking that you’re finally loved. You feel in the air that true love is not around anymore but just fun and games, packed with some pills and cigars and spirits to ease the pain away. You long for the deepest attentions that never seems to cross your guard. Trust so easily that he really loves you but a snake in every corner. You seem confused and hopeless on these dying moments of time. Wondering for your own stories to unfold. Knowing there’s situations with everything you hope for but your burdens seems to weigh on you more just by you alone. With no one by your side to help you through your worries, to struggle alongside with you to pull you through your days of despair. When family and friends are your enemies and all hope is on your shoulders. Feeling so filled with but at the same time you’re hopeless romantic; 
So lost beyond the peddles of roses bleeding away from your stoned heart.
Then your brighter days come and you feel so filled with love within yourself just for you but still realize that you just can’t be in love all by yourself. So yet completely but still incomplete with love by your side. 
With no lust or passions burning you alive but when it burns with you trying to tame the fires it happens to consumes you deep into temptations where the passions drain you from your core. 
And you feel like a withered and dead decor. 
Hopeless romantic all over the charts of burned corps and tear stains on the sheets laying in a bed of roses; melancholy calls deep within your veins of tilted pleasures of fantasies running in your mind...


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