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Her eyes, her smile. Dazzling in my point of view. Sending me to a state not knowing what to do. But stand there in the twilight zone. All relaxed. Staring at her with a smile of my own until I collapsed. I seen stars an The lights out going at me. Thundering footsteps coming start towards me, trying to save me before falling. Yelling my name for the first time. It echoing through my head. I couldn't respond, but instead glance at where I was out in, in bed. It was a golden  watering kingdom. Me strapped to the bed of this woman girl that was on top of me asking if I was okay. When my body an mind snapped out of it, realized reality, I seen I was put in a hospital for a check up to see if my head was okay. Seeing my girlfriend that wasn't what I dreamt by the way. Took hours for this to let me go in ward back home. In the way there, she asked me why I collapsed happy when she doesn't like sex like other women an wants to have a life with there man a different way of her favorite. I didn't answer. Just said sleep what I needed in a minute.


  • Jul 29, 2020

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