Timba & Tasha Read Count : 14

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
This is Timba and his mate Tasha. They have come to help fight Red and his army. "I know we cant fly or nothing but if they fly low to get a critter we can sure get ugly and do serious damage! We do need a place to call home. We were in Dicks Circus and Rehabilitation Center. We ran away, we have decided death is better than going back there!" "Well you don't have to worry you have a home here. And don't run off if you see Dick. If I'm here I'll take care of Dick! If I'm not someone else will defend you OK? If you need to run around a bit and Roar to get someone's attention then you do so?" "He nodded yes." "I explained all the rules and both of them nodded and bowed before me. I told them which barn to go to. They would be cared for!"


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