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I miss every word 
That used to come out of your mouth 
That I haven't heard in a while.  

I miss every hug 
I don't feel anymore,
 And my chest hurts, 
Feeling empty inside without you. 

 I miss every kiss
 I no longer receive from your soft lips.  
And all our memories make me think
About why the relationship broke up.

  I miss every tender touch you gave me,
 Everything I once had, 
I want to receive it. 

 I miss you being here, 
So close to me.  
The sound of my heart
 Is now the sound of missing you.


  • Nice bro-wait nice mam. I remember your a female still working stuck on second place leaderboards😁👌

    Jul 29, 2020

  • Jul 29, 2020

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