REVENGE OF THE DARK KNIGHT (Book#1,Chapter#21) Read Count : 15

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Sub Category : Fantasy
Dark Knight landed on the surface with his full grace. Then hundred of demons attacked on him. Dark Knight's body was thundering and then he ran towards rivals and killed all the demons one by one and fastly. After 30 minutes he killed all his rivals. Then he ran towards Della and picked her up in his arms and said "Are you alright my love? Please say something!" Della was so injured. She smiled and said "Oh you got your powers back. Iam alright now lets go and finished this. When we was at Santora's tomb i read a thing there. Then Dark Knight said "What was it? Tell me" Then Della said "If we want to eliminate Hatrex only through 1 way we can defeat him. Only the fusion of Dark and Red Knight can do this and he will become a  Mega Knight!" After hearing this Balvin called Bolt and ordered him to took back Della to the Knightarea. Then he activated his lightning speed power with a thunder strom and flew towards Flamea. At Flamea only 100 knights remained alive in which 30 was injured. And 10 betrayed and joined Hatrex army. Only 5 planes and 2 tanks remained alright. And Hatrex have 100000 demons and magicians. He have 100 flying demons and a big stock of wepons. But 80 knights fight like a lion. But then Red Knight crashed down from the sky. He was so injured because he do a deadly fight with Hatrex and then Hatrex gave Red Knight a great deadly power punch with a big blast of evil magic. Red Knight cannot beared another attack but he stand up in dizziness and called his trident but Hatrex hit it through his Black Staf and started sucking the power of Red Knight. He almost done his work but a strong lightning bolt hited on Hatrex and he fell down and far. The Dark Knight landed on the surface with his thundering grace. He ran towards Red Knight and said "Are you alright?Mack! Answer me. We have to do a fusion so wake up" After this Red Knight place his hand on the spirit logo of Dark Knight and started transfering his all powers in his body and said "No my friend only you can do this you are one and only who is worthy to kill this beast! Now go and kill that monster" After this Mack came in his original form and felk down. Hatrex stood up and activate his all poers and all the sky turned black. Dark Knight closed his eyes and thought everyones talk and then he flew in the sky slowly and then called Blazing Blade and Lightning Blade. Surface starting vibrating and the a big flame of fire came out from Santora's tomb and a big lightning bolt came out from Thundera's tomb and smashed with Balvin. Blavin's eyes were full of thundering  fire and then he combined both mighty baldes and after a bif visport finally the MEGA KNIGHT risen. Then the both ran towatds each other and fight like war machines. The sound of there clashing blades were so loud and made deadly power rings. But then after 3 hours of fight Hatrex smashed down the Mega Knight. And punching him very fastly. At last he said "See you cannot do any thing i am good instead of you and one thing. Do you know how your mother was killed. She tried so much to save you. She killed my 100 best solders alone with holding you she saved you but i killed her. Hahahahaha!" After this Mega Knight felt so much anger he called his Mega Blade and gave a big slash to Hatrex. Hatrex lost his other hand too but he made magic hand and made a huge magic pwer ball which can destroy all the Flamea. Mega Knight through thid Mega Blade towards with his all powers. And then this attack disabled Hatrex attack and injured Hatrex. Now Hatrex on his knees and Mega Knight just punching him and finally he cut his legs and then head. Mega Knight prisoned Hatrex soul and powers in the Black Staff and then this staff automatically flew in the air and returned to its tomb. After this everything got his beauty back and then Mega Knight unlock the power of healing he healed all his injured knights. And then he came back in Dark Knight and unjoined the blades. He hit the Blazing Blade on the Red Knight logo of Mack. After a white light Mack got alright. They both looked at each other and huged each other. 



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