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All the stars in the sky
 Have gathered in your brown eyes, 
And I see them shining every time 
Your gaze hits my eyes. 

All the hugs in the world
 Have tightened between your arms 
And when you hold me close, 
My breath begins to melt.

 Your voice is pure poetry, 
Please read me once more
 From the last book I wrote,
 With my long melodious eyelashes
 On your naked throat.

  I dreamed of the color 
In which you wore your dress, 
I dreamed of the kiss
 In which you move your lips over my mouth.


  • Jul 28, 2020

  • started out good, but then it lost its rhythm and rhym.

    Jul 28, 2020

  • 👍👌

    Jul 29, 2020

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