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A wet leaf fell on her shoulder making her jump in fear. Startled she shifted from her hiding place behind the bush. She could hear something coming and it was crashing through the woods. "Why had I come into the woods Misty softly whispered." Everything had gone silent and she found herself tense with anticipation!  then to her surprise two young foxes came into view. They were romping and rough housing and having a great time. Misty sat there behind the bush and just watched them. She softly giggled and they stopped playing and moved towards the bush where Misty was hiding. Misty was scared, she didn't know what to do. The two foxes came around the bush and started smelling Misty all over. Misty giggled when they sniffed her belly through a hole in her coat. The fox kissed her and took her hand and gently pulled her from behind the bush. It was starting to get dark now. Mary was very nervous about this because she didn't know where she was. But the little foxes brought her to the edge of the woods an had her sit and wait there. The two foxes went just a few feet away from her and huddled together and waited.
In my travels I was often seeing critters going down the road or beside the road. So I was really watching and so was Freeway. I hit the brakes and Freeway said, "did you spot something?" "Yes I did, you stay in the truck." I grabbed a couple small blankets and eased my way back to them. I said, well hi there, my name is Lonewolf. You must be mighty cold and maybe hungry and tired also. First let's wrap this blanket around you and bring your sibling over closer so I can wrap him up! The female shook her head not siblings best friends! My mama said, you cant be friends with each other! He comes from the wrong side of town! I say he is perfect and kept playing with him. Are you going to try and separate us? No not at all. Although when we get home and you warm up you will probably get a bath then a check up to make sure your alright. And we want to make sure you have no fleas running around on your body. If we do they must be Popsicles by now. My name is Lil Sly and this is Lilly. Lilly's home life wasn't great. Sure she lived on the right side of town but her father was real mean to her! So I grabbed her and we ran away! "We were still drinking mama's milk." "I will get you all fixed up when we get you home. And nobody will hurt you there." One of the foxes was bringing me to the edge of the woods. I said, "what's wrong little one?" I soon saw what was wrong. I said, "hi my name is Lonewolf what's your name honey?" "My name is Misty im 6 years old and very cold. Are you really Lonewolf?"  "Yes I am!  Here take your holey jacket off and I took mine off and put this one on, is that warmer?" "Oh yes very warm!" "Alright lets get to the truck where its even warmer, come on you..." A vehicle had pulled in and had his high beams on. "I couldn't see a thing. I switched Misty over to my left arm." I said, "can I help you?" "Oh you will help me alright! And I will help myself to whatever i want!" With that he gave an evil laugh. The two foxes were growling and hissing at this stranger. I took the opportunity to put Misty in the truck and told her to stay there. "Freeway come with me darling. I need you to scratch and claw and bite all out kitty style when I toss you at his face ok?" "Sure mama Im just the kitty for it!" So Thats exactly what she did, I got close enough and tossed her right at him and he never saw it coming! "I grabbed the foxes and got them into the truck and went back for Freeway." I called for back up and transport for one male. By then the man was on his knees and I clicked a hand cuff on one wrist then grabbed the other and had him handcuffed. "OK Freeway he's subdued." I could hear the police cars coming. "Chief Lonewolf to responding units suspect is in custody." "First responder was commander Rafe, second was Kim and Johnson, and third was Copper and Bullet. Daddy Rafe asked, "are you alright babe?" I said, "yes I'm alright thanks to Freeway!" Everyone in unison said, "Freeway?" I said, "Turn the jerk over." So they did and his face, neck, and hands were a mess! Johnson said, "Way to go Freeway!" Rafe asked why I was pulled over here. "This is one of the darkest stretches of all our roads." "I know dad" "You should never stop here when your alone...." "But..." "There is no but in this matter!" I just took him by the arm and physically dragged him over to my truck where two sets of fox eyes looked at him and one little girl was peering at him. I said, "this is Misty, Misty this is Commander Rafe but you can call him Rafe." "Hi Mr Rafe." "Hi Misty, do you know your last name?" "Knothead" Rafe looked at me. I just nodded. I whispered in daddy Rafe's ear, "next time I'll leave them all here!" "Oh well no you can't do that, I was just saying its a dangerous stretch of road That's all." "Don't you think I know this?" "Come on lets go home, I've got a truck full of cold, hungry, and tired souls." Misty and the foxes fell asleep on the way home. I asked Freeway if she was OK. "Yes mama why?" "Well I wanted to make sure that man hadn't hurt you." "No I didn't give him the chance!" "I don't like putting you in harms way. But I also know what your skills are, and boy did I need them today!" We pulled into the driveway and backed into the garage. Freeway got on my shoulder. I unhooked the seatbelts and picked up Misty. I opened my door and stepped out. Daddy Rafe asked me if he could get the fox pups. Oh yes please and thank you! We went into the house. Clayton put two cups of coffee on the table in front of me and Rafe. "I love you Clayton" I said. And so did Rafe. Moms and dads came into the room and daddy Rafe and I were just standing there with these bundles in our hands. Of course Sarah said to her husband Rafe, "Why is it that our daughter is carrying the bigger bundle and you with the smaller one?" "Well before I could get to her truck she had already picked her up." the two dads came and took Rafe's bundle and peered at mine and I showed them. Then the mamas stepped forward to see what I had and I showed them. "Awe isn't she precious." "How can you tell under all that dirt,?" I asked. And I just grinned. "She needs a bath and I'm seriously running out of steam." No problem we've got this! I think between the 4 of us we can get it done! I said, "put her in a pair of my Pajamas that are in the closet. They were suppose to go to the shelter but didn't make it." so off everyone went. Daddy Rafe and I sat at the table and started on the coffee. Clayton asked if we were hungry and we both told him no, but would love another cup of coffee. After we drank the coffee we bid Clayton a goodnight and to each other and headed for our rooms. I did manage to get my duty belt off and hung up. Then I flopped on my bed and fell fast asleep. Mama Maddy came in to get the pajamas when she saw me on my bed she chuckled. She brought the pj's back and told mom, mama Liv, and mama Sarah she was going to go get me ready for bed. She did manage to get her duty belt off! But That's all! So mama Liv came back to help Maddy and before long I was tucked in and kissed and so was Freeway. Mom and mama Sarah brought Misty in my room and were talking about where to put her to bed. I woke up long enough to say, "put her in my bed." It was kind of slurred but they got the jest of it. So some critters were moved around in my bed and little Misty was cozied in on the inside of me towards the wall. In the wee hours of the morning I woke to the sounds of a child crying. I flipped the bedside light on and turned and looked at Misty, but before I could say anything she threw herself into my arms. "Lonewolf its you its really you!" "Yes little one its really me. Are you OK?" "I have to pee!" Mama Maddy said, "I'll take her honey." Misty looked at me with wide eyes. "Its OK she is one of my mothers and they are all very nice and so are the dads!" But this is mama Maddy. Go ahead. So Misty took her hand and they went into the bathroom and Misty just made it. While Misty was peeing in came Freeway to the litter box and she had to pee. That made Misty laugh. After she finished and mama Maddy helped her wipe they washed their hands very good. And Freeway jumped up and washed her paws. Didn't Misty laugh! Maddy flew her like a plane out of the bathroom and over to mama Liv then up to daddy Dillon who then took over and flew her near the ceiling and back to Maddy who flew her into my bed. We told her, "when you wake we will be at work but mom and dad and mama Sarah are here. There's a lot of kids here. There's all kinds of friendly animals here also, including your friends the foxes." "OK," she sadly answered. With that she fell fast asleep sucking her thumb.
"I'm not leaving until I introduce her to mom and dad. Which is in about two hours from now. Good night." "Good night sweetheart, we wouldn't have it any other way!" So morning came and I looked over at Misty she was sleeping so peacefully. The mama came and sniffed me all over Mama Maddy poked Mama Liv. "Hey what was that for?" "Just making sure your awake," mama Maddy said with a chuckle.So we all headed downstairs and into the kitchen where the moms and dads were. I stood in one of the kitchen chairs and gave a little whistle. People turned and looked up. I said, "Mama Sara I want to thank you for getting up this early . I'm sorry I didn't get to you last night. To be honest I'm not sure how I got to my room. I was and am so tired. But I wanted to say thank you! And A Big Thank You To Each And Every One Of You! And your ALL the absolute BEST! I'll go get Misty!" Dad grabbed me and said, your pretty OK yourself kiddo! Great job! When I got to my room Misty was sitting up in bed playing with the two foxes. Even the bat winged cat let her pat her. I said, "your up early Misty,every thing OK?" "Ya but what are you doing here? I thought you were going to be gone." "Well I decided to stay home and introduce you to my mom and dad and mama Sarah." "Oh Lonewolf thank you! But wont you get in trouble at work?" No because Commander Rafe, mama Maddy, and daddy Dillon are all here too. So you ready to go down stairs?" "Yup!" So I picked her up and swung her around and headed down to the kitchen. We walked into the kitchen and I said, "good morning everyone! This is Misty." Everyone said, "hello!"  Misty said a shy little, "hello." "Ya but what are you doing here? I thought you were going to be gone." "Well I decided to stay home and introduce you to my mom and dad and mama Sarah." "Oh Lonewolf thank you! But wont you get in trouble at work?" No because Commander Rafe, mama Maddy, and daddy Dillon are all here too. So you ready to go down stairs?" "Yup!" So I picked her up and swung her around and headed down to the kitchen. We walked into the kitchen and I said, "good morning everyone! This is Misty." Everyone said, "hello!"  Misty said a shy little, "hello." I said, "Misty this is my mom or Alice, and this is my dad or D, and this here is mama Sarah, Do you remember these people here?" "Yes, Maddy, Dillon, Liv, and Rafe." "Very Good! Now Misty this is my brother Clayton. Clayton does most of the cooking because he's a chef and he loves to cook!" Clayton said hello Misty are you hungry?" Misty nodded her head. Clayton said, "do you like scramble eggs with cheese in them?" She shrugged. "Do you like eggs and cheese?" She nodded. "Do you like ham?" she shrugged. Do you like cinnamon rolls? She nodded her head and said, "Yes I had one once when I was at someone's house." Clayton said, "Good! And there will be plenty for you to try." She walked over to mom and reached up and touched her red hair. "Pretty" Mom reached down and picked her up and Misty was absolutely fascinated with her red hair. Well I thought that was great. Clayton we have to skip your wonderful breakfast and head for work. He passed us each a bag and a thermos of coffee I put Freeways boots and jacket on her and I grabbed my jacket. I went over to Misty and said, "You be a good girl and you have fun today!" She gave me a big hug and I was out the door. I jumped into my pickup and mama Liv said, "I hope you don't mind me riding with you." "Not at all," I said. "That was a very good idea you had concerning Misty." "I put myself in her shoes and I wouldn't have liked it at all, waking up to strangers. But she'll be alright now."


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