Prologue - The Old World Read Count : 13

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy
   The year is 3026, through years upon years of war the world is now cinder black, with veins of lava spewing out like geysers one after another across the entire surface. 
   The gods of this time, the Entruzeian face extinction through the rulers of the dark flame, the Smoltjiba. Hope, faith, and free will were never created. No souls left in the world to combat the evil but all in all, the fight was never equal. 
   The Entruzeians thus invented a few powerful new spells. Binding their six children within an invisible, indestructible room. They left these three spells, one to create a new world, one to create beings, and one to create the ability of choice and free will. 
   The Smoltjiba finally enclosing. The Entruzeians seal away the room, thus disappearing to reappear once again. Both sides rev their most powerful spells, thus ended the entire current world. 


  • Jul 28, 2020

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