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We all have our up an downs. We can all make it out alive. Make a meaning of our selves before it's time to die.

 The work you achieve showing it to some one close. Smoothes your soul an throat to a bizarre. Knowing your a writer finally getting paid your respects,

until it's time for you to rest. I haven't reached my goal getting my first book published yet,

 yet I had just the one of a story that'll in income me to a financial young adult happy birthday to myself two months ago in June 21, Dad if I see you,

 I tell you I've out myself in your shoes destroyed my whole life in the past, an now I'm back up top. Fixing myself to become hero main I'd was meant to become all this time a day. God been on my side. Protecting from close death encounters and suicide. If I wasn't for him in my life, I wouldn't be alive............... 


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