Together And So Far Away Read Count : 57

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I would talk to you if I could
Let you know what I'm thinking
If you would give me a chance
I would let you be a part of my life.

We are both too different to be one
We are both too in love to be apart
If you would let me know how you feel
I would share my feelings with you.

Your gaze makes me look away
Our thoughts are in the air
We desperately try to breathe them
We feel love standing together.

Everywhere empty skyes of fire
Light burning our world and yours
Everywhere you follow my tracks
You are never that far from me.

The closer you move towards me
The deeper my thoughts go
Everything I am
Is what you make of me.


  • An old poem I have unearthed from a book dated from 2009-2012 hope ya'll like it, Lee

    Jul 28, 2020

  • Jul 28, 2020

  • Aug 02, 2020

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