I Would Not Have Thought Read Count : 35

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I would not have thought 
That I would be so strong 
After all the storms I went through.

  It wasn't easy for me, 
I healed on my own, 
And now I'm twice as strong.  

I would not have hoped
 That I would recover,
 And that I would receive
 Another chance to live my life in harmony.  

I could not have imagined 
That my strength lay hidden behind my fragility,
 When I said through cold tears:
 " I am doing fine, my family..."

 I would not have thought
 That life would teach me so many things,
 And that appearances often deceive.  

I would never have thought 
That I would start writing on paper about my life,
 Burning my feelings through my bloody pen 
In front of the criticism.


  • Jul 28, 2020

  • 👌😇

    Jul 29, 2020

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