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There was a girl in a rural village called Lois . That girl had big dreams to become a doctor, but her worry was she doesn't have much money to fulfill her dream .she worked as a waitress making money to finish her studies
One day Lois went to work happily, when she arrived at work she was singing every one was amazed,then she met a handsome, good looking guy called Kyle he didn't like poor people like Lois.. while Lois offered Kyle, but Lois by mistaken poured a juice on Kyle . Kyle got angry and said"are you crazy?"Lois replied"I am so sorry sir it was..... replied Kyle angry"poor people like you don't deserve to work in this place, they deserve to be maid because I know you don't even have a degree or diploma"replied Lois crying"atleast I care about others I am not like you rich people who only care about their self "replied Kyle shouted" shut up or else I will.... replied Lois you will what huh, hit me because I know truth hurts Lois left in anger and frustrated 
When she arrived at home she found her grandmother on the floor.she remembered every thing that happened she called an ambulance
At hospital they told her that her grandmother is dead she fainted, Kyle arrived at home late he found his dad sitting on a couch Kyle's dad asked"where were you"Kyle replied "I was with my friend"Kyle's dad asked"I called your friends but they told me that you weren't with them, Kyle tell me the truth"Kyle replied scared"dad I think I killed someone but I promise it was a mistake I accidentally pushed her on a stairs"Kyle's dad asked again"what??you killed a woman"Kyle replied" dad I am sorry"Kyle's dad replied"go to bed" Kyle went to bed and made a promise to her dad

It was morning Lois was crying for her no more grandmother.. people Came and supported her grandmother's funeral
Kyle were there too  , Lois saw him and went to him , she shouted at Kyle and she told him that being rich doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want or treat people badly,you are are not worth it.
Kyle left knowing that he made a sin that can lead him to jail,he was scared to go to jail
Lois wanted revenge to the person who murdered her grandmother
She wanted to see CCTV footage
When she saw it was Kyle who murdered her grandmother she told the police about Kyle, Kyle's dad told Kyle to run away because police are looking for him, but unfortunately police found him planning to run they arrested him ..Lois was still grieving for what happened..Lois met a man who was looking for a assistant Lois got the job and continued her studies

The end


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