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Comfort comes in many different ways like eating your favorite food or listening to the rain. It can be calling your friends when you feel no bodies there or listening to the crackling of firewood as you gently gaze into a stair. It can be doing an activity that you love and enjoy it can be dancing your heart out when nobody's around or singing into your hairbrush because now you're the hottest concert in town. It can be so many different things it's whatever you choose there is no right or wrong answer there is no win or lose. Sometimes we forget just how comfort feels we may seem lost her alone when life gets real. Sometimes we hit rock bottom and we don't remember what comfort is we know how to give it to others but we forget what ours is. It hasn't left us forever is just out of sight so I encourage you to look back and see what brings you comfort in your life. Maybe it's the things already listed or maybe it's not knowing what brings you comfort and know simply what does not. Give yourself that time to take a break from life be at peace and rest and do what just feels right. Give your mind and body a break seems so cliche but being a healthy you is wealth will last for days upon days.


  • Jul 01, 2020

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    Jul 01, 2020

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