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Children have long been put in positions they ordinarily would prefer not to be in. We all grew up irrespective of the damages, we are then told as adults to take responsibility for our lives and stop the blame game.  I take this from the side of kids who grew up in a broken home, then ends up in the custody of the parent who is financially capable and emotionally abusive , at this point what can the child do but continue to exist in that world he finds him self, it’s not a home , there isn’t love there . This situation is hard enough for the child as he is meant to interact with kids with a different kind of story most of which he admires and wish that was his own story. The child is now meant to decide to create a disconnection wall between him and the absent parent. While that parent is on the other side praying and hoping and making efforts to have a relationship with the child. The situation takes up over 70% space in the child’s mind , or so I imagine, no scientific proof to that. The child ends up performing poorly in school which further kills his self esteem, then the single parent ask “ why why!! I tried so 

hard to ensure u never lack, am the responsible parent I provide for you all you had to do was focus on your Education. Seriously! Seriously? .


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    Jul 01, 2020

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