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Trucks are a real part of life on the roads and highways. These vehicles play a significant role in assisting people, and products get from one place to another. Nevertheless, they sometimes pose a serious safety threat. Based on a recent report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, nearly five thousand trucks and buses are get into fatal accidents across the country each year.

Notably, every Boca Raton truck accident lawyer at Bocalaw assists people who have been injured in crashes involving commercial trucks across the Florida state. We have over two decades of legal experience representing our clients in the courtroom and negotiations with major insurance companies for deserved compensation.

Truck Driver Fatigue and Other Causes of Trucking Accidents

Driver fatigue is a common cause of many truck accidents. That is mainly because of the long periods that drivers are forced to spend on the roads. However, federal and state laws limit the number of hours that commercial truckers can spend behind the wheel.
Regrettably, truck drivers often push these limits past the maximum limit because of pressure from their employers to meet tight deadlines. It is imperative to note that when a fatigued driver causes an accident, both the driver and his or her employer are likely to be legally responsible (liable) for injuries resulting from the crash. It should be best to seek the counsel of a Truck accident attorney in Boca if you get injured in a collision caused by a fatigued driver.

T-Bone Truck Accidents

A T-bone or broadside accident occurs when the front end of one vehicle crashes with the side of another vehicle. Commercial trucks are mainly at risk of causing these kinds of collisions. Their sheer size and weight often make it challenging for drivers to stop to avoid dangerous collisions instantly. T-bone accidents can occur in different ways and can be triggered by a variety of various factors. For instance, most of these accidents often occur at intersections as when there is a sudden traffic light change. At that moment, you should contact your Boca Raton truck accident attorney for protection and the litigation process.

Hit-and-Run Truck Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents comprising commercial trucks present unique encounters in the process of seeking fair compensation. For instance, truck drivers may take off the crash scene to meet the deadline to drop off their cargo. In another situation involving big rigs, a driver may later claim that he or she was not aware that his or her truck hit or collided with a smaller car or a pedestrian. It would help if you did not hesitate to call a lawyer in this case.

Feel free to contact us at Bocalaw when for consultation if you suffer trucking accidents. Get the Injury Representation You Deserve!


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