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I didn't tell you the things you didn't want to hear.
  I haven't done the things you didn't like to be done.

  You stormed over me like a storm,
 I wanted you to be the rainbow lit after the rain. 
 I didn't let you burn...
  I did not disappoint you,
Although I was disappointed many times by you. 

 You came like a cloud over my heart, 
Even though I wanted my heart dry. 
 You want to steal everything from me, 
You're like a hurricane over the sea.

  I kissed you with my blood,
I hugged you with my soul.
 I burned and you let me burn...
 And today I am here,
 I have nothing to offer.

  I went up to your mind, 
But your mind was busy with something else,
 I knocked on your heart's door,
But the door was closed, 
You didn't let me in. 

 There is nothing more to say,
 You went through my life
 To broke the walls of my soul.
You left me empty,
 Only with a sore breath over your mouth.


  • I feel your pain

    Jul 01, 2020

  • Jul 01, 2020

  • Jul 01, 2020

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