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Don't be scared to make a change,
For your future,
That is bright and better, clear like crystal,
Yet not everyone can see it,
To get to your destination fast,
No need for extra luggages,
Just like keeping friends,
Who don't have the same vision as you,
Could slow down your progress,
If you lose focus, just for a sec,
It takes more time to balance,
Not every of your present friends,
Will present in your future,
Choose wisely who you want,
A wrong mistake, 
Could take a life time correction,
Begin to act like who you see in your future,
To fall with failure, 
Rather rise with a successor,
Give yourself the best, 
The world knows only those with great potential,
Don't be left behind,
Begin to change your perspective now. 



  • Jul 01, 2020

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