Myaleka And Myleka's Island Adventures Chapter 2 Read Count : 14

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Daphne sends Jack and his friends to a pit of fire, which Daphne says is a home for Devils like him.

"Welcome to the place I spent most of my life", said Daphne, then looked at Jack. "Until I met you".

"Don't even think about", said Jack, reading Daphne's emotion.

"Just once",  Daphne asks Jack.

"Well,we'll just leave you two", said Myleka, leading everybody away.

"I appreciate the thought, Myleka", said Jack.

After they left, Jack gets pulled in for a kiss.

"Why do you have to be so hesitant about kissing me?" asked Daphne.

"Because it's you", said Jack.

They continue kissing.

Feeling awkward, Myleka leads everybody to the hallway.

"Those two sure are a crazy couple", said Marcus.

"True", said Comiclover23. "So, Devin, want to give me a little peck?"

Devin blushed, and says "What now?"

"I promise, I won't go too far", said Comiclover23.

Devin looks at the others.

"If it's just one, it should be okay", said Myaleka.

Comiclover23 pulls Devin for a kiss, and finishes in one minute.

The others smile.

"So, cute", said Dot, excited.

"Dot, did you start reading some of Comiclover23's mangas?" asked Devin.

"Actually yes, about four volumes", said Dot, then gets out her phone.

The others look at Dot's phone seeing the manga Dot read.

"I'm so proud", said Comiclover23,  with a smile.

"You are too much like a girl", said Devin.

"But, that's what you like about me, right?" Comiclover23 hugs Devin.

"True, but I also like how you keep your space too", said Devin.

"Awww! How can you be so cold?" groaned Comiclover23.

Devin holds Comiclover23's hand and Comiclover23 smiles.

At that moment, a flock of bats appear and center around Dot.

"Hey! knock it off", complained Dot.

"What's wrong?" asked May.

"I'm not going to a bachelor party, I'm only thirteen", said Dot.

 "But, you're still a vampire, so you might live longer than us", said Comiclover23.

"Enjoy, we’ll wait for you”, Ka Mary insisted.

“Okay, don’t worry I won’t take long”, said Dot, then flies away.

“I hope everything will go well”, said Myleka.

Dot follows the bat to a ballroom, when she sees a vampire drinking off humans, which makes Dot nearly faint.

Ima catches Dot, and says “You have to stop fainting whenever you see vampires".

"It wasn't the vampires, it's blood", Dot argues.

"But, you have drunk blood before", Ima argued back.

"I never wanted to be reminded of that again", said Dot.

Ima laughs.

Back with the other kids.

"Hello children", said Mina, in a blue dress.

"Miss Amadell!" exclaimed Kell.

"Just call me Mina, some people mix me and my sister up with that name", said Mina. "Speaking of my sister".

Kaima pops up from behind Mina, with a smile, and says "Jack, Daphne, hello!"

"Ummm...Hello, why are you two here?" asked Jack.

"I made a deal with a devil , since we caused some trouble", said Crystal, wearing a tennis outfit.

"Can somebody stop these skates?"asked Rose, leaving an ice trail.

Steve wearing a blue suit, catches Rose.

"Thank you", said Rose, looking at Steve.

"Sorry, lady devils, but i'm married", said Ben.

"Awwww!" groaned The lady devils.

The lady devils see Kaima with purple aura behind her, and says "Back off my husband"

The lady devils back up, and says "Yes, ma'am".

Kaima takes Ben's ear, and says "Come with me".

Kaima kisses Myleka and Myleka on their forehead. 

"Bye kids", said Ben.

"Bye dad, bye mom", said Myaleka and Myleka.

"Bye sweeties, don't be late when getting home", said Kaima.

Kaima and Ben go through a door.

Then, the door disappeared in a flame, and the flame vanished.

"You two are lucky to have a mother like that", said a tiny devil.

A tiny devil who has short black hair, white skin, wearing a red suit, with a tail.

Her name is Kite.

"They know", said Daphne.

Kite jumps.

"Daphne, you snake", Kite complained.

"Thank you for the compliment", said Daphne.

"So that is the human you fell so desperately in love with", said Kite, while holding onto a chandelier.

"Yup, Kite meet Jack", said Daphne.

"Pleased to meet you", said Kite.

Kite lands back on the floor.

"Your mother did wish to meet with you", said Kite, referring to Daphne.

"Well, tell her I don't wish to meet her", said Daphne.

"You can tell her yourself", said Kite.

"She's right behind me, isn't she?"Daphne realized.

Everybody nodded.

"Hello, my dear son", said Pantricia.

Pantricia has long blond hair, wearing a white dress with wings and white heels.

"Hello, mother", said Daphne, as he turned around.

Pantricia looks at Jack and says "So, this is your lover".

"Hello, i'm Jack", said Jack, politely.

"So, you are part reptilian?" asked Pantricia.

"Yes, ma'am", said Jack.

"I got to say, you pick interesting lovers, but why do they have to be male, don't you want children?" Pantricia pointed out.

"No, I would like to stay with Jack", said Daphne.

"How disgraceful!" complained Pantricia.

"What's going on?" Dot asks in a whisper.

"Family trouble", Myleka whispers to Dot.

"How terrible", Dot whispered.

"You also seem to have interesting friends", said Pantricia.

"Wait, you are friends with the daughters of Kaima?" asked Pantricia.

"Yup", said Daphne.

"Pleasure to meet you, miss and may I say that a demon dating a human is sweet, especially for Jack and Daphne", said Myleka. 

"Thanks for your kind words, but no demon should date a human, demons should stay among demons", said Pantricia.

"I disagree along with my friends", said Daphne.

Everybody nodded.

"How would you know about anything, since you live in a place that thinks that is normal?" asked Pantricia."It's horrible, I hate the idea".

"Well, I'll go", said Daphne.

Pantricia spoke a secret language with a red aura around her.

Daphne looked shocked, and said "Everybody run".

Everybody follows Daphne.

Daphne releases a red aura that forms a dragon against Pantricia.

Pantricia uses her power releasing stronger energy.

Daphne kept trying to fight, but it wasn't good enough and a floor opened and everybody fell.


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