Myaleka And Myleka's Island Adventures Chapter 1 Read Count : 12

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Sub Category : Fantasy
It's September 1st 2058, the kids are now teenagers entering middle school.
Myaleka, Myleka, Kell, Jack, and Daphne are out of Moonshine Academy with Dot, Percy, May, Marcus, Comiclover23, and Devin.
Now, all of them are going to CX's middle school, it's a place for people with power  and without powers.
Once they enter the building, Dot spins around with a smile on her face.

"Always hype, Dot", Percy complicated Dot.

"Yup, always charmer, Mr. Paris", Dot winked.

"Thank you, lovely lady", Percy bowed.

Dot laughed.

"You two are getting along well", Myleka pointed out.

"We spent the weekend together because of Comiclover23. But, it was quite enjoyable", said Dot.

"I needed to go back to the manga store", said Comiclover23. "And Devin was busy".

"Oh yeah, I had to help Plaimq with his little 'adventure', whoa! I never want to have deal with that again", Devin remembered.

Dot and Percy points at Devin, and says "You owe us".

"How much?" asked Devin, looking nervous.

"Ten dollars each", said Dot and Percy.

"Seriously", said Devin.

Devin hands a ten dollar bill to Dot and Percy.

"Pleasure doing business with you", said Dot.

"Thanks", said Percy.

"We finally in middle school, what a glorious day", said May.

"Yeah, what a great thing to be happy about", said Ka Mary, looking at their classrooms.

"So, what classes do you have first hour?" asked Myleka.

"I have gym, you?" said Myaleka.

"I have History", said Myleka.

"I have history too", said Kell.

"Of course, Ka Mary?" Myaleka asks Ka Mary.

"I have gym too", said Ka Mary.

"Fantastic", said May. "Percy, What do you have?"

"International languages", said Percy.

"Comiclover23?" asked Devin.

"The Art of science", said Comiclover23. 

"Hey, you have the same as me".

"Great", said Devin.

"I have art class", said Marcus.

"Daphne, what do you?" asked Jack.

"Choir, you?" answered Daphne.

"I have choir too, wait you can sing?" said Jack.

"I have quite the voice", said Daphne.

Tilley Quarter has long black hair, black suit, and shoes.

"For a devil, that's nothing to brag about", replied Tilley Quarter.

"Stay out of it, low class devil that still hasn't found love, like I have", said Daphne, putting his arm around Jack.

"Well, you're wrong, I have found love", said Tilley Quarter.

That's when Blueberry appears with a tray and wearing oven mitts.

"Tilley, I brought a fried bat", said Blueberry.

 "Thank you", said Tilley, and eats the bat. 

"See ya, Daphne".

The bell rings and everybody splits up.

Kell and Myleka go to history.

"Welcome to history class, i'm Mrs. Fur, today we will be learning about the history of the teleportation machine", said a brown-haired woman pointing to a projector with a ruler. "Turn to page eight".

Every student opens a textbook.

Ka Mary,May and Myaleka went to gym.

"Today, we are going to run out in the field", said the coach.

The teenagers run around outside.

Ka Mary is ahead of everybody with 
Myaleka by her side.

Comiclover23 and Devin enter science class, and sees Dr. Liama pouring two liquids in a big test tube.

"Science is a delicate thing, one mistake and it'll ruin the whole experiment", said Dr. Liama.

"Dr. Liama!" exclaimed Comiclover23 and Devin.

Dr. Liama looks at Devin and Comiclover23, puts a finger on her lips, and says "Sssh!"

Devin and Comiclover23 zip their lips and take a seat.

Daphne and Jack sing in front of their class, the students are filming and the teacher is judging.

Percy is wearing a brae and reading a book with the class.

Marcus is painting the Statue of Liberty in Marvin's class.


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