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I planned it out within my head and then set forth to put the plan in action. I was very sick with many medical issues and just wanted it to be over, so I set out to make it happen. I got my oldest son to go stay with my mom for the weekend why I stayed at his trailer. I settle myself in, and set forth my plan. I make me a strong drink, take some pills and laid down. As I drifted out, I stood next to my body watching myself sleep. Suddenly I am floating upwards and my son's cat is freaking out. Running about knocking stuff over, trying to either wake me up or get someone's attention. I try to return to my body, so I could calm her down, but couldn't. I look behind me and see that two Angels are pulling me upwards, I freak out and do whatever I can to return to my body. They finally let me return with the promise that they'll be back for me soon. Ozzy saved my life and now I take care of her for my son, she is my Angel.


  • Jun 30, 2020

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