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After Winter time is over, everybody is studying for finals in the great hall except Ron.

In the great hall, Olivia and Hedwig as we land on Key and Harry's book.

Hermione looks at Ron, and says "Look at you playing with your cards, pathetic, we have final exams coming up".

"I'm ready, ask me any question", said Ron.

"Alright, what are the three most crucial ingredients in forget-me potion?" asked Hermione.

"I forgot", Ron admitted.

"And what I might ask, what do you plan to do if this comes up in the final exam?" Hermione wondered.

"Copy off you", said Ron.

"No, you won't. Besides, according to Professor McGonagall were supposed to be given special quills with an anti-cheating spell", Hermione remembered.

"That's insulting, as if they don't trust us. Dumbledore again", replied Ron.

Neville comes into the great hall, hoping with his foot stuck together.

"You got to start standing up to people", Ron suggested.

"How? I can barely stand at all", Neville wondered.

"He means stop letting people bully you", Key explains.

"I don't know how", said Neville.

Key grabs Neville's legs and uses a counter curse.

"Thanks Key", said Neville, with a smile.

"No prob, we're friends", said Key, letting go of Neville's legs.

Harry taps on Key's shoulder showing her,Hermione, and Ron the information in a book.

Harry shows on a card that Dumbledore is partnered with Nicholas Flammel.

"I knew that I heard that name before, I read about him on the train", said Harry.

"Follow me", Hermione told her friends.

They head to the library.

"I had you looking in the wrong section, how could I be so stupid", said Hermione.

Hermione drops a big book, and tells that she checked out before for a bit of light reading.

Hermione finds in the book, Nicholas Flammel is the only known maker for the sorcerer's stone, the object that turned any material into pure gold, and also has the power to make the user immortal.

"That's what under the trapped door, that's what fluffy guarding, that's what Snape wants", Hermione points out.

The next day, they talk to Hagrid in the library and Hagrid tells them to wait.

Inside the cottage, they see Hagrid with mittens on, holding an black egg.

"Hagrid, what's that?" asked Harry, looking at the egg.

"Ah," said Hagrid, fiddling nervously with his beard, "That's - er..."

"I know what it is, Hagrid,how did you get it?" asked Ron, crouching over the fire to get a closer look at the egg.

“I won it, Las’ night. I was down in the village havin’ a few drinks an’ got into a stranger. Think he was quite glad ter get rid of it, ter be honest”, Hagrid explained.

In-between this conversation, Key notices Malfoy looking at them and runs away.

“Malfoy”, Key noticed.

“Oh dear”, said Hagrid.

Harry,Key, Hermione, and Ron are walking in the hallway.

"Hagrid always wanted a dragon, told Key and I the first time we met him", said Harry.

"That's crazy", said Ron.

"And now, that awful Malfoy knows", said Key, with her arms folded.

"I don't understand, is that bad?" asked Hermoine, confused.

"It's bad", said Ron.

Ron, Key, Hermione and Harry see Professor McGonagall with Malfoy.

"Nothing, and I mean nothing gives children the right to wander at night, so 50 points will be taken", said Professor McGonagall.

"50!" gasped Harry.

"Each", said Professor McGonagall. "So as punishment all five of you will have detention in the forest".

"Excuse me, Professor, perhaps I misheard, I thought you said the five of us", said Malfoy.

"You heard me correct, you see as your actions are honorable, you were out late at night as well, you will be joining your classmates", said Professor McGonagall.

Key looks at Malfoy with a smirk, and thinks 'Serves you right'.

Harry, Key, Hermione, Ron, and Malfoy are following Filch into the forest.

"I brought the kids here, you're not still going on about that dragon", said Filch.

"Norville is gone, Dumbledore took him away to live in a colony", said Hagrid.

"Well, isn't that good, he'll be with his own kind", said Hermione.

"Yeah, won't if he doesn't like Romania, what if the other dragons are mean to him? He's only a baby after all", said Hagrid, worryingly.

"Oh, pull yourself together, you're taking them to the forest", said Filch.

"The forest?" Key whispers.

"We can't go in there, students aren't allowed, and there are…" replied Malfoy.

A howl.

"Werewolves", said Malfoy.

"There are more than Werewolves, you can be sure about that", said Filch, then walked away.

In the forest, Keni, Devin, and Makai are disguised as squirrels and see Key, Harry, Ron, and Hermione pass by.

"Why are we spying on them?" asked Makai, looking at Keni.

"Because we shouldn't let our friends suffer on their own", said Keni.

"It's just detention, but then again this is the dark forest", said Devin.

"Then, let's follow them", said Keni.

Hagrid explains to everybody that they are looking for a dead unicorn.

The team is split up.

Malfoy, Key, and Harry are together.

Hagrid, Ron, and Hermione are together.

"Fine, then I get Fang", said Malfoy.

"Fine, just so you know he is a bloody coward", said Hagrid.

Harry, Malfoy, Key, and Fang are walking deep into the woods.

"Wait, until my father hears about this, this is servant's work", Malfoy complained.

"How pathetic", Key complained.

"Agreed, if I didn't know better I would say you're scared", said Harry.

"Scared. Potter", said Malfoy, feeling insulted.

"Come on, Fang", Key called.

Fangs walks beside Key.

Makai follows Key faster than Devin and Keni.

"Slow down", said Keni.

"I sense something dangerous", said Makai.

Keni and Devin follows Makai.

Harry, Key and Malfoy see a figure.

They are shocked to see the figure drinking blood from a unicorn.

Malfoy screams, Fang barks, and  they run away.

Harry feels pain on his scar.

"Harry, are you okay?" Key asks, looking worried.

The figure comes towards Key and Harry.

Key notice as the figure gets close, Harry feels more pain.

Key's eyes glow spreading a strong energy pulse, pulls the figure back, then Makai, Keni, and Devin come and appear by Key.

Makai, Keni, and Devin help Key get rid of the figure.

But, then another figure appears and zaps Key, Makai, Keni and Devin.

That's when a centaur comes and drives them both away.

Harry helps Key up, Makai, Keni, and Devin get up on their own.

"Kids, you must leave the forest is too dangerous, especially for you Harry and Key", said The centaur.

"What was that thing you saved us from?" asked Harry.

"A monstrous creature, it's a terrible crime to slay a unicorn, drinking the blood of a unicorn can save you, if you are an inch from death. But, at a terrible cost, you must slay something so pure that when blood touches your lips, you will live a half life, a cursed life", said the centaur.

"So, that must be him", Key figured out.

"Voldemort", Harry guesses what Key thinks.

"Are you aware, what is in this school?" Asked the centaur.

"The sorcerer's stone!" gasped Harry and Key.

Ron, Hermione and Hagrid appear with Fang.

"You alright Harry? Key?" asked Hagrid.

"Yeah", said Key.

"Keni, Devin, and Makai, why are you here?" asked Ron.

"Well, tell you later", said Keni.

"This is when I leave you, you're safe now, good luck", said the centaur.

The centaur leaves.

Back in Hogwarts.

"We'll take care of Makai", Keni suggests.

"Of course", Key nodded.

"Have a good night, don't push yourself", said Makai, holding Key's hands.

"I won't and you have good dreams", said Key.

"You haven't explained why you were there?" Ron reminded them.

"Because we were worried", said Keni. "Bye Bye".

"Take care", said Devin.

Devin, Keni, and Makai head to their own house.

Back to the Gryffindor's dorm.

"What happened?" asked Hermione.

"We had found the unicorn, it was already dead", said Key.

"We mean how did you end up like this", Ron made it more clear.

"A figure that we believed to Voldemort nearly attacked me, Key protected him, then Keni, Devin, and Makai came to our aid, but then another figure appeared and saved Voldemort and zapped them", Harry explained.

"But, why would he be there?" asked Hermione.

"He was drinking unicorn blood, to stay alive, which means Snape didn't want the sorcerer's stone for himself, he wants to revive Voldemort", said Key, with an intense look in her, while looking at Ron.

"But, if that happens, won't he try to kill Harry?" asked Ron.

Key became silent, then Harry holds her hand.

"He won't be able to, Dumbledore won't let him, since he is the one wizard that Voldemort fears, so as long as he is here, you can't be touched", Hermione reassures everybody.

"We should go to bed", said Key.

"Will you be alright?" asked Harry.

"I'll be fine, I heal easily", said Key.

Key gives Harry a kiss on the forehand and walks to the girl's dormitory.

Hermione follows Key.

Ron and Harry go to the boy's dormitory.

Key is looking at the moon with Olivia.

"I wonder who is that figure that attacked us", Key questioned.

Key sees a key, then comes back to reality.

"A key?" asked Key.

Key goes to bed.


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