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I am the chosen one, those who know will know, those who don't aren't suppose to know. Anyways, for years now when people pray (Who I never know) I am seen who it is and why they are praying. Usually it's horrible shit like this lady one time being tortured by her boyfriend. In the vision I saw that he'd taped her up using duck tape and was beating her for something. She was scared he was going to kill her. I said my prayer for her and the vision stopped. Sooo... When Donald Trump first became President I was called to a scene which involved him. They was in a tunnel underground, you know, the ones the president uses to escape crowds. Anyways this guy with wavy, blond short hair was begging for Jesus to save him and well I was sent to see what was going on. This guy had on a light blue suit with a dark tie and was on his knees next to an undercover cop. Only reason I knew he was a cop cause I saw the badge on his side. Trump was standing in front of him with a gun pointing at this guy and on either side of him was two guys in black suits wearing glasses. The guy begging Trump kept saying "I can fix this, please just give me a chance" that's when Trump said "It's to late" and pulled the trigger, then gave the gun to the guy on his right. Next he told the cop to get rid of the body and that is when the vision ended. I've told this story on social media and boy did I pay. He was forced to do it in order for those who pays him can have something on him in case he didn't follow through with their agenda. Yup! That's what no one realizes is he is just a representation of our country and if you think about it, he totally represents the true face value of what we all have become. We hate on those not like us, we are always talking shit to other's, threatening other's who don't believe in our ways, Ignorant, Narcistic, Control Freaks who don't like other's doing unto us what we do unto therm. We are up in everyone's business, but our own, and punish those who don't like our ways. So yeah I like Trump now and I'm ok with war destroying us because it's our karma and not only that, we are the Secret Babylon mentioned in the bible and it is purposely being brought on by man who rules over us. It's a clean up we've been very bad and my Father is about to pay back the religious who hurt all other cultures with their wars, conformation, researches on us, and the world, molesting our children, the list goes on. So yeah quit blaming Trump for what they force him to do to us. It's all in the plan or agenda to bring on that conspiracy theory that's been proven true because I'm watching it materialize right now.


  • Invision?

    Jun 30, 2020

  • Tammy Carr

    Tammy Carr

    An Invision is like something you imagine then plan to put in action. This was a vision which is totally different it is like a quick movie that plays in your head. If your calling me crazy then that shows how closed minded you are for there are lots of people like me who get visions

    Jun 30, 2020

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