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(The episode opens with me playing Yugioh with my duel disk against Crystal)

Crystal: Impressive, Kanisha, but you only have 200 life points, while I have 500.

Me (looking confident): You know what they saw you can't determine the outcome until the last card is played.

Crystal (looking crazy): Then go

Me: (draws a card) I summon blue eyes white dragon 

Crystal (shocked): What?

Me: White lightning attack 

Crystal: I was so close to winning (ends up on the floor)

Me: Sorry, but i'm the winner (starts dancing)

Crystal: Next time, I will get you.

Me: I bet you will, you've been getting stronger, each time we battle.

Crystal: (gets up) You think so, I mean you were stronger.

Me: I disagree, I feel you could've bet me.

Crystal: That's not what my life points said.

(I giggled, then I saw my watch glowing)

Me: Well, I guess we can see if your words are true.

Crystal (eyes widened): You don't mean.

Me: I do, you want to come to the world of yugioh the original series with me.

Crystal (jumps) (with a smile): Yes! Yes! Yes!

Me: Great.

Me (raised my arm in the air as my watch glowed): To the world where the card game of duel monsters originated, to yugioh duel monsters

(A portal opens)

(I held out my hand and Crystal takes it)

(Crystal got onto my back, and I jumped into the portal)

(The portal closes)

(The screen shows us traveling through the portal, My hair changes into a ponytail, wearing a white trench coat, red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. Crystal has long hair, wearing small red jacket, white shirt, blue jeans, and pink shoes)

(We landed in the city of Domino)

Crystal: No way! We're really here! And you have wings.

Me: Yup, now let's find Yugi.

Crystal: Already, I'm not ready, what if I don't have enough makeup.

Me: You'll be fine.

Crystal: Well if you say so.

(I flew to the game shop)

Yugi: Is that?

Tea: Kanisha!

Me: Everybody! (Landed)

(The screen shows Crystal standing by me)

Me: Nice to see everybody is together.

Joey: Of course, we are friends.

Triston: Speaking of friends, where is Bakura? 

Joey: Strange, he was just here.

(Bakura appears)

(Bakura and I looked at each other)

Me: Your Bakura (held out my hand) nice to meet you, I'm Kanisha.

Bakura: (smiles) nice to meet you too (shakes hands)

Me: Oh! Everybody this is Crystal 

Crystal: Nice to meet you all.

Joey: Is she a relative?

Me: No, just a friend.

Triston: Kanisha, question 

Me: Yes

Triston: Have you been dueling?

(I noticed I have my duel disk on)

Me: Oh! I had a duel with Crystal.

Joey: Then, why don't  you duel with me?

Me: You! (Nervous) But, I'm not really that good.

Yugi: That's okay, why don't you do a practice duel with me?

Me: Duel (legs shaky) with (faints) Yugi.

Crystal: Hmmm...didn't see that coming.

(Bakura helps me up)

Yugi (worried): Kanisha, are you okay?

Triston: You aren't feeling weak again, are you?

Me: (gets up quickly) No, I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting you to ask me to practice dueling with me.

Yugi (smiles): So, you want to?

Me: Sure.

Joey: Seriously

Tea: Oh Joey, give it rest, you know how shy, Kanisha is.

Me: I must be careful (looks at Bakura cautiously) I may have erased his memory, but the evil part in him might still sense my powers.

(The screen shows me and Yugi with duel disks and a wind past with our hair float)

Yugi: Kanisha, are you going to use your regular deck or a new one?

Me: Depends on if you want me to use it.

Yugi: Of course, I would love to fight you that way.

Me: So, just me and you, no Pharaoh.

Yugi: Yup.

Me: Great, let's duel.

Yugi: You sure, your powers won't drain you.

Me: Yes, remember my magic in my watch intact with my soul (my body glowing) and right now, I'm full of energy.

Yugi: Good.

Me: Yugi, you can go first.

Yugi: You sure.

(I smiled)

Yugi (puts a card down): I put big shield Gardia in defense mode and I put two cards on the field. Turn over.

Me: My turn (I put out the card) I put dragonia in defense mode (a green  dragon appears on a card) and put three cards on the field. Turn over.

Yugi (thought): I have to think wisely, I have seen her battle as a duel monster, but I have never seen her play as a duelist.

Me (thought): What move will he make?

Yugi (thought): I must make a move to find out if she has a trap card.

Yugi: I switch big shield Gardia to attack mode, attack Kanisha's card on the left.

(Big shield Gardia comes charging)

Me: (smiles) You activated my trap, Soul D, which destroys your monster and takes 700 of your life points.

(Yugi's life points go down)

Yugi (thought): So, it was a trap card.

Yugi: Turn over.

Me: I switch Dragania in attack mode, and activate Dragon's soul.

(Dragina gives off a purple aura, the purple aura destroys all of Yugi's cards on the field)

Yugi (shocked): Huh?

Me: Dragon's soul destroy all cards whether they be magic or trap cards. Also, Dragina attack Yugi directly.

(Dragania blast Yugi)

(Yugi's life points go down by 500 points)

Tea: Wow!

Joey: Who knew Kanisha would be on top already.

Bakura: I thought you saw her duel.

Tea: Not against Yugi.

Evil spirit inside the millennium puzzle (looking at me through Bakura): Interesting, so this is the girl who haf that powerful necklace 

(Flashback starts)

(The screen shows Me with Bakura)

Evil spirit: You realize you won't get rid of me so easily.

Me: I don't intend to get rid of you, just erase your memory of my powers and this experience.

(I put my hand on Bakura's head with it glowing)

Evil spirit: You know about my history with me and the Pharaoh.

Me: What is your point?

Evil spirit: Why not? Help your friend unless you are a traitor.

Me: How dare you? It's not my place to stop you, it's the Pharaoh's. Plus (eyes glowing) you won't win

(Bakura faints)

Me (as I walked away): I hope it works.

(Flashback ends)

Evil spirit (thought): Unfortunately, it didn't and I will use her power to achieve my goal.

Me (eyes widened) (thought): I sense something dangerous

Evil spirit: Indeed.

(I looked at the evil spirit seeing a dark aura around Bakura)


Evil spirit (smiles) (thought): You can hear my thoughts.

Me (thought): What do you want? Wait, you remember 

Evil spirit (thought): Clever girl 

(The millennium ring glows)

Tea: What's going on?

Evil Spirit: Bye Kanisha.

Me: No!

Yugi: Kanisha!

(I fainted)

(Episode ends)


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