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God have mercy on my soul... 
The suffering that I’m going through let’s the devil get a hold, 
I’m tired of this pain in my heart it feels like it’s spreading like mold but I still trust your plans... just help me understand! 
God you put us through tests that we can handle, sometimes I feel like I could strangle myself but I know you helping me fight my battles... 
I don’t want to feel this suffering anymore,
God please help me get it together...
My wife and I we need your help, I can’t lose her, she’s my Forever and Ever...
Help ease her pain God she needs your now more than ever! 
I see the tears in her eyes and it shatters my heart like glass once it’s broken it could never be put back together! 
God please help her! 
Put back the joy in her life, don’t leave her prayers unanswered... 
I see how much she prays, please she needs a reply she needs an answer...
God, help us get it together!


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