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Since I know myself, 
I've always been a dreamer. 
From the laughter of the others,
 I made dramas. 

I was expecting the world to change, 
Until I changed my vision of seeing the world. 

Go away, don't mess my way up. 
I want to be a shining star in the hands of love. 

Too used to being alone,
 When someone accompanies me, 
I know that it will not be there for a long journey. 

I like to make plans, 
I know anyway that will not be fulfilled. 
Pessimistic from birth, 
Nothing can surprise me. 

New situations, old escapes, 
The week passes as if it were a moment. 
Sick of suffering, 
I breathe again as if nothing 
Had happened before.

 Listening to their stories 
Reminds me of how I was once, 
Sensitive, with tears that always 
Dampened the earth.

 But life wants me strong, 
A rising mountain.
 Feelings frozen in the soul too early,
 For my suffering I am like a mirror. 
I go on my quiet road, 
My loneliness is my true company.


  • Jun 29, 2020

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