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Hate is like a hurricane, 
It wipes everything around. 
Nowadays, true love is rarely seen. 
We are closer to the devils, 
Than we have ever been. 

We quarrel over everything 
And look at each other with hatred. 
Judging others hard,
 We forget who is to be brothers. 
We are the enemies of our own person. 

Imitate other people, 
We forget our personality. 
So tired of struggle, 
We forget what life really means. 

We touch with our hand to hit, 
And not to relieve the pain, 
That other people cause
 Through the big indifference. 

Don't let the world burn, 
Protect it without using the weapon, Angels fall under our eyes, 
Stop the war, without fighting against the other.

 Let's sing the hymn of peace, 
Embracing harmoniously. 
Stop hating while there is still time. 
Don't become robots by freezing the senses.
Fists in the walls, 
Is not called man, 
The one who strikes a woman 
After consuming alcohol. 
Wake up while there is still time,
 Becoming human again, not tyrants.


  • Jun 29, 2020

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