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How to clarify not in poetic or spiritual but scientific that everything is one as we seem to also speak the two given expressions. There is this language of Mathematics in which it has a pattern that repeats itself indefinitely, it is called Fractal mathematics. As we should know that Math is nature's imprints as it speaks the sensible world in calculations we can observe that creations really do repeat itself from microcosm to the macrocosm. Some examples of this intelligent design in our nature is that of spirals of the snails to the Universe as it sizes up in the Fibonacci sequence and everything works the same pattern as a reflection of man to the universe. To have a deeper understanding of the connections of everything as a unit we should also look at what the popular studies of Science about the building blocks of reality known as an atom. As we should know that in atom it has this nucleus with its electron that revolves around just like the earth has it's a moon orbiting and how the planets also move around the sun. The study also shows that the copy of the nucleus doesn't just exist in one time-space dimension which opens up to the parallel dimensions. The hypothesis of the nucleus existing in multiple paradigms lights up into our imagination that man is not just in the third dense but should also have a copy in another magnitude.


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