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I can't express my love for you I can't explain how much you mean to me. You can't see how I sneakly looking for you.

You can't hear my thoughts whenever I'm with you. You can't recognize my love even if I make it too obvious.

You're eyes are shining twinkling in my sight, I cannot wonder what my life will be if I lose you.

You're the reason my tears are drying so fast. Each word you say is so precious, every calls you answer,you answer it with your heart.

No wonder you can't see me the way I wanted. I looked for the reason why. And then I looked outside the window.

You are there....... you're with a girl who's prettier than me, more smarter than me, more matured than me.

You told me to come outside. I rushed thinking she was your sister. I can't look at you when you grabbed her wrist and I saw a ring, it was twinkling.

I thought I was the one who can wear it. But it was her, I smiled and congratulate the two of you.

My tears are beginning to pour. I'm happy it rained, so my tears can freely pour down on my cheeks.

You grabbed her instead of me you sheltered her. I was so happy for you but my inner doesn't. I cannot lie so the next day.

I told you I like you, you said, "me too but it's too late we can't be and we'll see". I was so happy I can tell you that without any regret.

She was so happy to have you. I am also happy If you are. You said I will see you again next month. My phone dropped the glass broke. 

-I loved you since we're 10. I can't see you longer enough I hope she'll make you happy, I hope she'll take care of you much better than I do. I'm so sick.... Promise me you will just cry a little ones I leave you.

(Crying non-stop)

Then.........I woke up 
You were there you're with Keyla and Charisse sleeping in the hospital bed waiting for me to wake up.

Yes,he is now my husband that story happened 25 years ago. Keyla and Charisse are our daughters. I'm happy I lived I love him so much so I'm so thankful he's my man,💖✨

                     True story by:
                         Layrha Alyse Mhae Simson.

I hope you like this true story


  • Jun 29, 2020

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