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It is love when you care more about the other 
Than you care about yourself. 
It is about love when you put all your hopes
 That the relationship will work.

 No matter what my mind says, 
Your love is my happiness.
 It is about love when you miss the person
 Who brings your smile to your lips, 
Day by day, from the moment you met. 

It is love and it will always be about love. 
It is not easy, but together we will succeed. 
There will never be another love, 
Whenever we hide,
 we cannot stay away. 

You feel love when you touch everything 
That seemed untouched until then. 
Traces of lipstick abandoned on your lips,
 I need to be with you for much more. 

Even if I sleep, you cover me. 
You protect me with your strong arms. 
Loving moments, love letters left on the table. 

When I return home I read them, 
And remind me, why I came to love you so hard. 

Where is love there will be peace, 
Where is love there will be compassion, 
Where is love hatred does not take place, 
Where is love, your name will be written.


  • Jun 29, 2020

  • Jun 29, 2020

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