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Dreams come at night as we drift off to sleep sunderings or off all and some dreams are sweet. Some giving morning and others a hint of what we often wonder as the night sweat began. Some dreams are beautiful and glorious visions of our future and some grains we awake from feeling rather  Somber. What is a dream this picture in my mind some seems so vivid it's like it real all the time? Some dreams I awake from with tears in my eyes but I have to tell myself it's a dream and not to cry. Some I wake full of sweet joy if only it were real those dreams I would enjoy. Some dreams give you their encouragement you need and some dreams beat truth should we listen to them and see that they are true. But with all these streams then I have had I admit that all aren't happy but all arnt sad. Some dreams are strange and have no meaning  At all and I wake up confused not knowing what to do. Dreams are a picture inside the mind but my favorite ones are the fairy tales that are so sweet and so kind the dreams that bring comfort when I meant distress those are the dreams that I love the best. Some dreams we hang on to and want to save forever others we let go because we can't stand their terror but all these dreams whether they be good or bad whether they be happy or sad I have learned something from each strain that has gone on inside my head.


  • Jun 29, 2020

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