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Dear Juliet,

I have loved you for a long time, but you've never noticed me.

I was always there watching you. I was there all the time.

I was there when you've met Romeo at the party. My heart was pounded into pieces while listening to your conversation. My heart lost it's own force to beat when i saw you two kissing each other.

I fell inlove with you, but you just fell inlove with somebody else.

I was there, my dear Juliet, when the nurse told you that Romeo was a Montague and you could not marry him because you were a Capulet.

I was there at one column of a hallway when you privately talked to Romeo on a balcony.
Your eyes sparkled every word was released from his mouth, but my own eyes released a pile of tears seeing you so happy with him.

I was there, Juliet, when you secretly married Romeo. I wanted to cry while hearing your vows, but i could not and I knew I should not.

When Romeo died, i was there too. I was the one who gave him the poison.


I never expected that you also killed yourself knowing that Romeo has already died.

I'm sorry, Juliet.

It was my plan not to let the letter reach Romeo, so he would kill himself, but it was my plan for you to take your own life away, too.

I faked Romeo's suicide note and spread a lie to the people.

I'm sorry, Juliet. I guess I should kill myself, too, right now.

Your secret lover,

Friar Laurence


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