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I'm at my grandpa's house, looking at his old recordings, then one caught my eye. "Another Letter 2021" the recording read. "Simpler times." I sighed. "The worry about being debunked was replaced by the worry of being murdered, the fear of a debate was replaced by the fear of a fight, stressing over politicians became stressing over terrorist." "Back then we only had to worry that a celebrity didn't agree with Black Lives Matter." I laughed. "Now we must worry about white supremacists." There was then an explosion. I grabbed my rifle, and ran to the house. "Cody! Watch out!" Someone yelled. A truck sped past me, I nearly walked into it. There was a blue, and red flag on the side, I already knew what it read. Kill blacks. Enslave liberals. Bring on the 4th Reich. I then ran to the house. I knew who's house it was. It was Tyrone's house, he was a well know black nationalist, and this has happened to him before; however he didn't walk out this time. He died. 

As I was in the house waiting for the ambulance to come by to take the body away, a speech came back into my mind. "We are 13% of the population, you are 72%! Everytime you kill one of us, we'll kill a few of you, that's equality!" The truck from earlier came back, then the barrel popped out. "Get down!" Someone yelled. A hail of gunfire fell abound us. We fired back, but none of the bullets seemed to stop it. A moment later the driver drove off. "They must be trying to confirm his death!" The same person yelled. A moment later another truck arrived, and another hail of fire attacked us. "He's dead!" I yelled, but the driver probably couldn't hear me over all the gunfire. They had us blocked in. Then it popped in my head. "There not trying to confirm the kill! They're trying to kill us!" I yelled. "Oh shit." Kevin yelled. For ten minutes the circle repeated, until the pigs arrived. The crackers wouldn't dare show up with a pig here. We regrouped, and got Tyrone to the morgue. We were terrified the pigs may shoot us, luckily they were out for blood today. 

After Tyrone's body was at the morgue we went to our hang out. It was a brick building in a dump. The white nationalists wouldn't want to take a mid day shower. We all sat around the table. Planning how to kill as many white supremacists as possible. "They're out going, they want you to know there politics just by going to there house. Let's us that to our advantage." Jeffrey said. He was one of the many white people here, who hated white supremacists, these were our allies. "Why don't we attack them while there at church?" One young allie asked. He was quickly pushed against the wall by Jeffrey. "Never suggest that again!" He snarled. There was only one rule in this world, no attacking churches, if you did, no matter what side you were on, anyone who knew you did this, and wasn't involved would probably kill you in an extremely painful way. Many of our allies had broken this rule before there bones were broken. White supremacists, and black nationalist would often put there difference aside just to torture anyone who attacked a church, then they would probably try, and kill each other right after the sinner died. Anything that doesn't attack religion goes. 

"I got an idea." Blake said. "What if we go to a bar, and place Black Lives Matter stickers on there trucks. Then they'll try, and kill each other." We thought about it for a moment. "That could work." I said. "And, there's no way to track it back to us." Kevin said. "Let's do it near closing hours, that way there already drunk, and no would be able to see us." "Wait a minute, a bar is a holy place, where blacks, and whites become friends for a nigh-." The young allie said, but was interrupted by Jeffrey. "You wanted to attack in an actual holy place!" "Fair point." He admitted. For the rest of the day we gathered up stickers, and during the night we went to eight bars, and planted a sticker on thirty trucks. 

That night I was dreaming how this all started. It started with the Silence is Violence movement, which wanted everyone to announce where they stood on culture, and economics. Soon there were no more centrists, there were just righties, and leftist. But something was off, it was nightmarish, I was visualizing the mountains moving apart. Then when centrism was extinct we started to move even further apart. The right moved faster, because the right was seen as fascist, so fascism was soon expected, and many became fascist. Without any centrists, the Democrat party, and Republican party became as extreme as the average voter. This sped up the processes. Soon not being an extremist ment you were on the other side, which caused this. Now the Republican party, and Democrat party are both terrorist organizations. We aren't scared to admit we're terrorists, but we're scared to admit we're not terrorists, because there are no centrists to appeal too, just extremist. I imagined horrorble sences, beheadings, bombings, stabbings, all over race, otherwise known as our lives. 

In the morning I was watching the news, trying to find out how many died. "Breaking news, a massive fight broke out, stretching through out the neighborhood." I live in a different neighborhood, but it was close enough for me to go to the meetings. "Three black people are dead, and fifteen white people are dead. Many more are injured. We don't know what caused this fight, or the ideologies of the white people who died, but we do know one thing, many of the people were drunk, including the dead." She took a breath in. "Up next, a fire was started at the screaming match." This was terrible news. The screaming match was the symbol of the race war. Black Lives Matter, screaming at White Supremacists. The average age was fifteen. An entire street needed for the screaming match. Both sides would take up one side of the road, with only two feet separating each other. Both sides had barriers keeping them from entering the two feet. Despite this being a tragedy, it was a common one, these events were very dangerous, yet everyone had to go, and be as close to the front as possible, because if you didn't go, or you stayed in the back, you were seen as unreliable, and people will suspect that you support the other side. They wouldn't argue, they would just scream at the other side. These could last from ten minutes, to an hour. Of just screaming. The story then came on. "A white supremacist threw a burning cocktail at Black Lives Matter. Many were injured, and some even caught on fire; however it didn't end there, he then began to shoot at Black Lives Matter, causing them to flee, and panic. Unlike many causes, this white supremacist was arrested, his trial will start next month in February." 

I had faith in the justice system, because if they didn't send him to jail for life, we would burn down the building; however I knew that if they sent him to jail for any period of time, the white supremacists would burn down the building. Courts weren't built well, because they would often be burnt down, so the speed of rebuilding, and low costs were more important then the structure of it. As soon as the trial ended they would abandon it, leaving it to its fate. This was also common with news stations, except instead of trying to make both sides happy, they were far left, trying to stop the alt-right, but Black Lives Matter would still burn them down as soon as they said anything racist. We had the media; however the alt-right had control of several YouTube channels, spreading there ideology farther then the family. 

Soon Sunday arrived, I got into my dress clothes, and went to church. Church was a safe place, the only building where there was no graffiti, and no broken windows. There were two aisles, one for the white supremacists, and the other for the black nationalists. The white side had a banner on there side of the front wall. It was the same type of banner on the truck. Mean while on our side of the front wall there was a black banner, with white words. "Make them pay for slavery" it read. That was our banner. As we were sitting a white supremacist stood up. I then felt a sharp pain in my foot as the loud sound rang. He shoot me in my foot, causing me to fall over. He was dragged outside by both white supremacists, and black nationalists, while I was taken to a hospital. Thankfully the bullet didn't damage any bone, and because of the advancements we made before the race war, I was out the next day.

That night I was with my friends Jeffrey, and Kevin at the bar. Once we left, we were greeted by Jake, another allie. Once I made it to my car, he grabbed me, and forced me against the truck wall, then pulled me back. "What is this!" He yelled. There was a sticker saying. "Unify America." Which was an alt-right statement. He let me go, and posed for a fight. "Wa-it a min-tue." I slurred. "Let's be reas-onable. This is proba-bly the alt-right's revenge." I then leaned against the Corvette. "You're right!" He said in realization. "I'm sorry, the heat probably made me that angry." He then drove us all home. In the morning I had a hangover so I watched the news. "A massive fight broke out last night, killing five black people, and only two whites." The anchor said with a hint of disappointment in her tone. She was the farthest left journalist, she literally changed her name to Michelle, as in Michelle Obama. She wants to turn America into a black ethnostate, only black, black nationalists would be allowed to stay. The common want was just a political ethnostate. "We know the reason for the fight. White supremacists put stickers on black nationalist's cars, there were two types. "Unify America.", and "I"." The Michelle said. 

School stopped teaching I, because it prompted individualism. I had escape this, because I graduated just one day after they put it in action. I'm only twenty. I was replaced with ø, when ever a word has I in it, you replaced the I with ø. In becomes øn, mine becomes møne, and hi becomes hø. Since white supremacists home shool there child, they speak normal english; however it simplified. This is part of a movement to further separate us, not only do we war with each other, but soon we won't even speak the same language. 

The next day I went to the building in the dump too do my job. My job was to guard the bomb makers, they made bombs, which would be sent to the Democrats, who would send them to terrorists with orders of what to do with them. The Democrats were the leaders, who planned all our attacks, the Republicans were the leaders of the white supremacists. I stood in the corner near the picture of Ted Kaczynski, he was what everyone strived for, to be a terrorist who got into the history book. Nothing that special happens while on the job, the white supremacists don't know where this place is, so I'm really just here to watch the door, just in case. Then something terrible happened, a bomb accidentally went of, luckily it was a acid bomb so it didn't destroy the place, but someone did get hurt, and she was sent to the hospital. We drove her there, so that no white supremacists could she our hide out. Our greatest fear is that a pig helping us, is secretly a white supremacist. 

After we got her to the hospital, we started to grill the allie who caused it. It was the young white guy. "Listen white boy." Kevin said. "White boy?" He asked. "Yeah, you're white." Kevin said. "Yeah, but I don't call you black boy." He replied. "Because that's racist." Kevin answered. "I dream of true equality." He said. We all mentally got angry. "What?" He asked. "True equality is an alt-right statement!" Kevin said. I cringed hearing that. I always found that stupid, but I didn't dare say it. I wonder if everyone feels the same way I do, and are just acting angry like me, maybe they thing other things are stupid, but are afraid to speak up. "I'm sorry, I didn't kno-." He said. "That confirms you're alt-right! There a reason why we make statements alt-right, and far left, to identify your politics, without you lying!" Kevin yelled. We all started to approach him. He ran out of the building. "I'm joining the alt-right because of this!" He yelled as he ran. "That's right you better run! You racist!" I yelled.

The next morning I was watching the news, and heard something horrible. "Breaking news! The alt-right terrorist Ray, has won the election, he's now our governor. We suggest you get your kids out of school."  The anchor said. The government only existed for one reason, to make life worse for the opposition. When the alt-right won, we were second class citizens, but when the far left won, the alt-right were second class citizens. A day later I saw our banner at the school was replaced by the alt-right banner. This made me depressed, because now our children won't get the right education, and the alt-right's kids will. Being a second class citizen means you're shut out of the economy, and you have to trade with your friends. Now we'll have to live in a trailer park, farming, while the alt-right will be living in neighborhoods buying food instead of farming. "Guess that young guy joined the alt-right just in time." I laughed. 

I was sound asleep when a big bang woke me up. I secretly hated this culture war, loud explosions through out the day, mass killings, and I dreaded death. This war really made me feel insecure about myself, and made me question the world. Tries left my eyes. We both basically had the same ideology, the only thing keeping us apart is our race. Then the phone rang, only then did I realize how loud that explosion was. I answered the phone. "Cody! We're in deep shit! The bomb place blow up, once we got there we got into a truck war! There blocking our way out! Send help!" The caller yelled. I then called up twenty black nationalists, but as soon as we got there, it was to late. All of my friends' trucks were empty, and there were no trucks boxing them in. This ment they were all dead, and this was official a white supremacist district. We quickly left so they wouldn't attack us too. 

As soon as I got home my energetic attitude washed away, and I weeped. All my friends were dead, yet while I was in my truck taking to the passenger I had to act like everything was fine. If I were to cry, I may appear weak to him, so I was less likely to be called upon, and if I didn't cry, he may see me as strong, he would recommend they call upon me more. The more missions you went on the better. "Dying young, and a hero, was so much better then dying middle age, and a coward." Tyrone told me that. He only lived to be twenty three, yet he was a hero to that neighborhood. Now I couldn't go back to my grandpa's house to collect his stuff. I knew if it was a black nationalist district the military would protest to take it, but we all know since it's a white supremacist district, even if the white supremacist in office did anything the military would protest it. I had more nightmarish dreams about the past. In the 2030s started the mini culture war, people who burn cities, and have massive roits over small things, like a tweet. In the 30s injuries were so common scientists advanced our medical technology to rebuild flesh, and bones in under a hour, because people would often get these horrible injuries every day. Now there are far left apps, where you must be a black nationalist to use, and there alt-right apps, where you must be a white supremacist to use. If there was any supposition that you maybe a troll, you were immediately banned. The average account last for a week. 

In the morning I was watching the news, when they said something horrifying. "The alt-right has threatened us, saying quote. 'If you don't kick the far left out of office, we'll feed you your heros bodies. Turning them into sausages, hamburgers, and chicken.'" This had horrified me, no matter how many times the meat packing plants announced there new system to combat this treat, I just couldn't eat meat. I went on a vegetarian diet, but then I moved to a more fruit based diet, yet infront of my diet was normal. I clearly wasn't the only one doing this, because the meat industry reported losing 50% of there profits, and trust me, when your company can be burnt down down because you offended one of two easily offendable groups, that 50% will be more then necessary. 

I was sitting at home, terrified of being forced into a trailer park, then I had an embarrassing flashback. We were roiting, because of a tweet, and we called a lady racist because got mad at the fact we burnt down her apartment complex. We were such pussies back then. We hid our roits behind Black Lives Matter, and when people criticized Black Lives Matter we accused them of being racist. That doesn't work now because everyone is extremely racist. The alt-right were pussies too, they hid behind All Lives Matter, when they roited, and when people criticized it, they claim we only cared about black people. This doesn't work either because now we do only care about black people, our allies will become second class citizens when we take over America, then we'll become a socialist utopia. I don't Socialism is this perfect system; however it promises us out of this depression, so I'll support it. "It's kinda funny now that I think about it." I say to myself. "The depression fuelled the roits, and the looting fuelled the depression." The depression started in 2020... it's 2041, and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. 

The next day we received the notice that tomorrow was the moving day, at 3pm. So that night we threw a neighborhood wide party. We absolutely trashed the place, and we left it for the white supremacists to clean. We had packed everything we wanted to keep before the party, so we were go on time. We all knew the white supremacists were doing the same thing, it was a compaction, which side could make the other side do more work to clean. 

The next day I packed my luggage into my truck, like everyone else. The speaker from the radio tower cackled. "BLM, move to parking lot twenty seven." The announcer said. We did as commanded. The parking lot was empty, but we filled the middle of it. A laser pointer counted the cars. I wish I wasn't in a swing state. Most states were swing state, but there were only two far left states, Michigan, and the Republic of California; however California is being invaded because they left the unoin, and it's also in civil war with the alt-right north. Michigan was for me, the alt-right didn't exist up there, it's the political ethnostate we dream of. That's why there under so much pressure to leave, so the army can invade them. The alt-right also had there own states, all the states that were once part of the conference, and this time they're winning. The radio crackled again. "Stay in your cars, and keep your hands to the wheel!" The announcer said. After that men in full body armor walked around. This ment someone wasn't with us, and were trying to hide out in there house. After an hour they ran off. The radio crackled. "Michael has disobeyed us, he will be killed on sight." The announcer said. They knew Michael could hear them, they wanted to scare him into surrounding. After an hour we heard gunfire. It was a gun fight. In that moment I knew they found him, and that he didn't surrender. A moment after it stopped, it crackled again. "Alt-right, move to parking lot twelve." The announcer said. This ment he was dead, they wouldn't send the alt-right forward if Michael was still alive. A moment later it crackled again. "BLM, move into your new homes. Alt-right, move into your new homes." The announcer said. We then drove to the trailer park. We then moved in. The alt-right now jad TVs, so that means that the once wealthy news anchors would become youtubers, and poor youtubers would become anchors. Youtube is this wierd thing, both panties were allowed on, but it was still a far left app. It wasn't a political ethnostate, but it tried to be. I was home sick all day, but I didn't show it.

The next day I was at the rally. The a unit were returning home from combat. All BLM members came, from all across the state, anyone who could had too, because if they didn't there house would be burnt down. The alt-right was just across us, while we were here to jeer, they were here to cheer. Any member of the alt-right that didn't show up house would be burnt down, unless they had a good reason. It was like the screaming matches, except instead of us being in the road, we took up the lawn beside the road. While they had American flags, we held hammers, and sickles. People in the front held these, and didn't scream, while everyone else screamed as loud as they could. This is the same thing the kids did at the screaming matches. It was cramped, loud, and the lawn was muddy. I wonder if they had hosed both sides, if we had discovered we had been targeted we would investigate ourselfs, and kill all suspects. Despite the fact we're in anarchy, social conquests dictated our actions. The only people who were safe were the military, and those living in DC, the military were protected by a fence, but when they eventually left the military they would be killed.

DC was this wierd mixture of a dystopia, and utopia. It had a iron wall keeping the world out, in DC tucker Alabama, also called the president, was dictator, but to the rest of the us, he was a undemocratically elected figure head. He had burned anything in the constitution that mentions the presidency, and declared himself king. There were secret police everywhere, yet, it also was a utopia. Everyone was safe, everyone had the same politics, there were no roits, no fires, no unsee death, but most importantly, the depression never reached DC, the poorest man in DC makes the 2nd class citizen here look like a bum, they didn't even have second class citizenship, people were just people. The president was so far right, he changed his last name to Alabama, And his first name to Tucker, yet he wasn't alt-right, we was a monarchist, but his word was useless, unless you were in DC, then it was just law, it was morality its self. 

Soon the truck full of soldiers arrived. The front lines held the hammer,  and slicker up high together, and the back began to scream. Then the alt-right raised there flags, and began to cheer. The alt-right was using this as propaganda to keep the military on there side. Propaganda isn't even the right word, they were just advertising this; however they add a little more support then they gave on a daily basis. They had covered up there tattoos, so the troops couldn't see the swastikas on the foreheads. As soon as the troops got closer we swung the sickle down in a chopping motion, but we kept it a safe distance from the troops, but I stud there like an idiot holding my hammer, and sickle high, not swinging it. I had some support for the troops, they made the world safe for democracy, and I didn't have enough envy to swing down. The people in the back eyes bruned through me, and that gave me the reason to swing down. I swung down far, and hard. Nearly hitting a troop, he just didn't make the step necessary to be hit. He then aimed his rifle at me, and pulled the trigger. "Your lucky I had the safety on!" He said angrily. A bunch of emotions ran through me. Happiness at the fact the eyes started cheering, sadness at the fact I nearly hit a soldier, the wish he shoot me, and the fear, of coming so close to death. I handed my sickle, and hammer to another man, and ran off. As soon as I was out of sight I threw up of the ground. 

I kept having flashes of what just happened. I then tried to drown it out by thinking of the past. I remember how awful we were. Many terrorist organizations popped up in 21st century, they were clearly terrorist, yet it was heavily debated, because back then it wasn't appected to be a terrorist. The race war started to take shape all the way back in 2010, and even further back if you count the first ever roit because of police brutality. Back then saying this would be seen as political, now people knew we were pussies, and admit to being terrorists, who fight to take over the country. And what did I do while all this was happening, I distracted myself, yet at the same time, I fuelled the flames. I layed down, both suicidal, and wanting to live, as long as the world was better. I then passed out for a few. 

Throughout the week we were bombed, and we bombed others, nothing really that note worthy. On Saturday I debate with myself about going to the great debate. The great debate wasn't a debate, it was a fight. It took place in a boxing ring, but they didn't use fists, they used weapons. There were two fighters. Son Of Hitler, and Son Of Stalin. Son of Stalin was on our side, he had three weapons, a hammer, a sickle, and a sledge hammer. Son Of Hitler had two weapons, an axe, a katakana. It always happened on Sunday. If ethier died, they would had been at church before there death. Medics were on the sence, once one had beaten the other, they would revive the winner, all his bones, and muscles were repaired in under a minute, all the blood restored, and there were few rules because the advancements in medicine made such a dangerous game no more dangerous then soccer. 

I went outside the trailer. I then saw a boy walking by. "Hey." I cried from a far. I walked over to him. "Hø." He replied. I didn't know how to make the ø sound, but I think I can get away with that. "Have you ever seen the great debate?" I asked. "Yes." He replied. "Òs òt good?" I said. I tried to make the ø sound, but it sounded more like ò. "Yes." He replied. "Ò'm thònkòng of seeòng it." I accidentally said it normally. "What does 'it' mean?" He asked. "Ò ment òt." I replied. "Ok." He replied. "Bye." "Bye." I replied walking away.

I decided to go to the fight. It was crowded, I was sat in a stadium, people were cramped, and it was divided. "In this corner you have. Son of Hitler!" The announcer yelled into the mic. BLM jeered, and the alt-right cheered. " and in this corner. You have Son of Stalin!" BLM cheered, and the alt-right jeered. "You know the rules. No aiming for the head, don't pull your wepons out, and keep it below the neck." As soon as he left, they got into there poses. Stalin held his hammer in one hand, and the sickle in the other. Hitler had his katakana ready. Stalin ran at Hitler, but Hitler move to the right, Stalin swung his sickle upwards, he then swung his hammer at Hitler, but Hitler used his katakana to block it. Stalin then plunged the sickle into Hitler's cheek, almost going into the mouth. A mixture of cheering, and jeering filled the room as Hitler was taken away. A minute later Hitler returned without a scratch. 

Hitler had kept the katakana, but Stalin changed his wepon from the hammer, and sickle, too the sledge hammer. Stalin swung it above him in a downward motion. Hitler moved out of the way, the hammer had broken through the floor, Hitler then pushed the katakana right through him, he wasn't even facing him. Then he pulled it out, turned the body over, and cut his throat with one motion. Before we realized what happened, he ran into the crowd of white supremacists. Soon a massive fight broke out. The entire place was divided. There was now no way of saving Son Of Stalin. The fist fight turned into a gun fight, and I cowardly retreated, but I turned around with my pistol in hand. I was keeping the exit secure. A moment later all gun fire stopped. I didn't know who won. "We did, we killed the blacks!" Someone yelled. I immediately ran to my truck, and grabbed what I need. My rife, a bag filled with hand grenades, and a time bomb. I ran up on the roof, and hide. They would go to the trailer park, and kill everyone else, then the district was there's. I planned on assassinating the leader, who they would crowd in the middle of the stadium, the boxing ring. I felt like the black zodiac, a black nationalist, before terrorism was appected. He sent letters to the press, even today no one knows who did it. He would be a hero if we won, or a villain if they won. I put the scope on my rifle, and waited. 

I would shoot Son Of Hitler, then throw a grenade into the stadium, killing more people, then I'd throw another right outside the door, finally I would defend the ladder from them. There were no windows, this was for two reasons, we would keep breaking them, and air conditioning was too expensive. Only houses had windows. As soon as he got into the ring I took aim, but someone grabbed me. A white supremacist had found me before I shot him, then he put a gun to my head. A second later, everything went black. 


  • Jul 07, 2020

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