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"Dad, does leprechaun really do exist?"
I was shocked when my 5 year old daughter,  Maxine, ask me about this kind of question.

"Well of course honey. They really do exist. actually, they always watching us when we fall asleep." I added.

"Ate they a bad guys?Do they eat a little children like me? What do they look like? oh please Daddy tell me more about them.

I can see the sparkling on her eyes and excitement as i started to story-tell her.

"In our ancient ancestors, the old story of leprechauns is very controversial in that time. They look like a dwarf, or an elf. But never as the same as a man. Their height is shorter like a one ruler.
Some leprechaun are man's Bestfriend, while some are not. But for you my little seeetie, I will tell you the good of the leprechaun. They are as friendly as a good Samaritan. They help those people who are lost in the forest. They are the one who is standing at the end of the rainbow and they are the one who gives happiness to the little children. And that's the end of the story.

"Ohh i wanted to have a friendly creatures like that. Daddy tell me, is the good leprechaun still watching us?

"No sweetie, but he is watching you right now."

"Please tell him daddy that i wanna befriend with him."

"Sure sweetie, but for now, you must sleep. Goodnight and sweetdreams."

I turned off the lights and went to my room.

After a minute, I just realized that I almost forgot the last part of the story.
That her father was a Leprechaun.


  • nyc

    Jun 29, 2020

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