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Other lips will touch you, 
Other arms will hug you.  
You will spend your day 
With another.  

You will say :"I love you",
 In the same way you once said to me.  
Your thoughts come out of the sea
 Where I drowned my thoughts 
To save you from me.  

You will tell about yourself, 
With the same details 
As you told me about you,
 And my face will be hit
 By the same drops of tears 
That were burning inside you. 

 You will wake up next to someone else, 
And you will pretend that I don't even exist. 
 And my wounds
 Will bite my heart so deep,
 That you will forget to save me in time. 

 You will think of someone else, 
While I can't forget you.
I remember every move you made, 
Breathing more slowly. 


  • Jun 28, 2020

  • Jun 29, 2020

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