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Hi, my name is Carl, and I’m calling from GetHealth-e. How are you doing today?”

“You’re calling from where?” 

I could hear the uncertainty in her voice with her question. 

I just started working for AIB, (Advanced Insurance Brokerage) here in Tampa, Florida and I have to admit, at first, I was a little uncertain about what kind of role I was to fill. It seems no one has ever really heard of us, and I am compelled to repeat the same thing for just about every call.

“I am calling from GetHealth-e” 
(pronounced: GetHealthy). Quickly I begin to explain, “Recently, and we are suspecting because of the Covid19 and other major events taking place lately, they have dumped a tremendous amount of resources into our Medicare industry and we are going through our files to see who can qualify for some of the benefits and kick outs they have developed for you.” 

She didn't hang up so I continued, “For my part, I only have three prequalifying questions to determine if I can transfer you over to one of our licensed specialist, who will then pull up your current policies and see whether or not you may qualify for them. Ok?”

She said, “Okay…”

“Thank you for your patience, ma’am. My first question is simply, Do you currently have Medicare parts A and B?”

“I do.” 

I could still hear a little skepticism in her voice but I plugged away. 

“Do you have anything that helps you with your Medicare such as; Humana, United Health Care, Medicaid, or anything like that.”

“I have Humana.”

“Wonderful. My last qualifying question is, Do you currently have kidney failure or receive dialysis.”

“No I do not.”

“Great! Well it looks like you may qualify for some benefits and if you would hold for just a moment I will transfer you over to our licensed representative who specializes in Medicare and he will review your file and see if there are any benefits your qualify for.”

“Wait! You said your name is Carl?”

“Yes Ma’am. My name is Carl.”

“Well, Carl, Things aren’t very good for me right now. I have recently returned from the hospital and found out that I will have to have a surgery on my hip. I can’t accept the treatment they are offering me because the insurance policy I currently have with Humana doesn’t cover this procedure adequately. I will have to pay several hundred dollars out of pocket and I just don’t have it.  Do these benefits and kickouts include that?”

I can’t tell you how many calls like this I have had over the three weeks I have been working here. I am not sure what really goes into setting up policy plans for these aged 65 and above, but it happens so often that they feel trapped by what these agents have signed with them, and most often, like in the case of this lady, they just dont fit her needs. It made me wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t called her, and my heart clenched with compassion for her.

I responded, “Ma’am, I am not a licensed agent, but I can assure you the representative I am getting ready to transfer you over to will be able to answer all of your questions. He will open your Medicare file, as well as review your Humana plan and go over everything with you; and just so you know, this is a zero cost review for you. They have already taken care of us so the research we do on your behalf is free for you. Our team of agents are Federally Regulated and seriously good at what they do. If there is anything out there that can help you through this, they will find it. Is it ok if I go ahead and transfer you over to them now?”

“Yes, and thank you, Carl.”

“Ma’am, it is I who thank you, and I pray everything gets worked out so that when you are finished, the burden and pressure of this whole situation become lifted from your heart and shoulders. Please hold, I will transfer you over now.”

When I first began this job, I was seriously concerned about what kind of role I was playing. I had heard so many stories of people taking advantage of our retired community and I was worried that I had fallen into something shady. 

“Am I hustling old people here?” I wondered. 

After three weeks I am learning that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Our company actually straightens out a lot of the abuses taking place out there, and every day I hear stories such as I heard during this conversation. 

Please remember our retired community. The government, through Social Security, has been taxing their paychecks their whole life and now that it is time for them to collect they are tricked, cajoled, and maneuvered out of so much of the little they get it isn’t even funny. That I have a small part to play in helping them has instilled a tremendous sense of purpose into my life. I haven’t felt this energized about an occupation in a long while.


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