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As a boomerang, 
I always go back 
To the places where I grew up. 
To meet the people who made my days bright.

 I remember as if I was 
In high school yesterday, 
Waiting for the break 
To go out with my colleagues. 

The years passed one by one 
And only now did I understand 
How hard my parents worked 
To ensure all my needs. 

Today I feel like a kite thrown into the wind, 
Traveling to the height,
 Making slalom among my daily routine. 

I gave up my dreams
 Because I was not ready to live it,
 But now I am ready for new conquests. 
Many see me too small to get up, 
But no one knows my power. 

Children, listen to an old advice,
 Do not give up the first failure, 
Perseverance it's the real key 
For erase the problems.

 I'm old enough to listen to what the world
 Wants to say to me, 
But too young to let me be affected
 By what their mouths like to talk about. 

Even if we didn't know each other,
 We all have feelings that our hearts keep. One day, with all the best, life will spare us.


  • Jun 28, 2020

  • Jun 29, 2020

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