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  1. Live
  2. Think
  3. Give away a lot of hugs
  4. Forgive
  5. Had wisdom
  6. Live wisely 
  7. Forgot de pain
  8. Don't be a coward to do the right things
  9. Always give your best
  10. Always chosse to do the rigth
  11. Be afraid to do the wrong things 
  12. Don't hurt no one
  13. Don't hurt your self
  14. Live grateful 
  15. Open your heart
  16. Open your mind 
  17. Take care your self like you take care every breath 
  18. Listen with your heart 
  19. Take decision with your mind
  20. But for this and many others reason never but never forget to LOVE...LOVE.                               Sincerely:E.S.R Omaha Ne USA.June 2020.
P.d. Solamente el amor puede cambiar el mundo.......tu mundo y mi mundo have a nice afternoon.


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