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(The opening shows Kimi looking out of the balcony staring at the night sky)

(The title Kimi! is spelled by a glowing aura with a star above it)

(The screen switches to Charlie staring at the night sky looking at the moon)

(The screen split showing Kimi and Charlie on opposite sides looking their thinking deep)

(Lady J is talking with Little tiger, while in the mall)

(Kimi is on the bench looking at the sky with snow falling)

(Charlie is walking)

(Kimi is dancing with Rey,Xia, and Amelia)

(Rika is filming the party with the tree behind)

(Little tiger is opening a present)

(Lady J is laughing with some adults)

(The opening ends with Kimi and Charlie is on the bench looking at the night sky)

(The episode opens at the mall, where Kimi, Rey, Charlie, Little tiger, and Lady J are walking)

Lady J: Alright, everybody split and find the perfect present for somebody and think wisely.

The teenagers: Got it.

Lady J: Little tiger, you stay with me.

Little tiger: okay (smiles) good luck

(The others smiled)

(The screen switches to Charlie looking around and looks at the jewelry display)

A voice: Buying a present for a friend or perhaps a girlfriend.

(Charlie turned to see a man who has short white hair, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans with a Santa hat on)

Charlie (blushes): Oh no! She's just a friend, I'm not even  sure if she likes jewelry.

(The man smiles and gives Charlie a necklace)

The man: It's the thought that counts, she'll be able to tell.

Charlie: That's true, and I do (blushes)

The man: (giggles) it's on the house.

Charlie: Really? Why?.

The man: I'm a softie for cute boys (winks)

Charlie: Oh, thank you (runs)

(A college girl who has long blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a white dress appears)

College girl: Jac, you need to stop inferring with teenagers.

Jac: Why? I just made his day.

College girl: Honestly.

(The screen switches to Rey looking around curiously)

Rey: What should I get everybody? (Sniffs the aura) What's (turns to see cookies on display)

A woman: You want some cookies, we're selling free samples.

(The woman has long curly green hair, white skin, wearing a black dress)

Rey: Sure, One sample wouldn't be so bad (takes a taste) Delicious 

The woman (smiles): I'm so glad

Rey: You baked these yourself?

The woman: I did, but I had help 

(Xia appears)

Xia: Hi, Rey

Rey (shocked): What are you doing here?

Xia: I'm working here part time.

Rey: Great.

Xia: So, you still staying with Kimi?

Rey: Of course

Xia: You aren't going to visit your mom?

Rey: My parents are coming here.

Xia: That's great, I'll bring a present.

The woman: You two know each other?

Rey: She's a friend of mine.

Xia: Yeah

The woman: Well, how crazy for us to meet at a place like this.

Rey: Yeah, well I have to go, I'm buying present (looks at the woman) Can I buy a batch of your cookies?

The woman: Of course, Xia.

Xia: (salutes) Got ot.

(Xia brought two bags)

Xia: One for you and Kimi (winks)

Rey: Thank you.

(Rey walks away)

(The screen switches to Kimi with ten bags in her hands)

Kimi (looking at a list): I hope I got the right things for everybody.

(Kimi accidentally bumps into somebody)

Kimi: Oh! I am so sorry.

Someone: How disgraceful, a mutant like yourself is allowed to shop here?

(Kimi looks up to see a woman who has a bun in her hair, wearing a white dress and heels)

The woman: What are you looking at?

Kimi: (gets up) (with her head down) You call me disgraceful, what gives you the right to say I can't shop (red eyes) here.

(Kimi's hair float, the woman drops to the ground)

Kimi (red eyes) (coldly): Heartless woman (walks away) Now, I should continue shopping 

Nashio (drops his bags) (shocked): Was that Kimi?

(The screen switches to Lady J and Little tiger is by the food court)

Little tiger: How do you think the others are?

Lady J: They should be fine.

Little tiger: I guess you're right.

Lady J: True.

Little tiger (eyes widened): Something is wrong (runs away)

Lady J (runs after little tiger): What's wrong?

Little tiger: Kimi! I sense something evil

Lady J: Kimi?!

(The screen switches to Nashio and Kimi talking)

Nashio: Kimi, are you alright?

Kimi: Of course.

Nashio: Then, why would you do that to that woman?

Kimi: Oh, you saw that, she deserved it.

Nashio: You took her soul.

Kimi: I did.

Little tiger: Release her.

Kimi: Why?

Little tiger: Because you only inhabit, you aren't allowed to control it.

Kimi (green eyes): Controlling me, not necessarily I let him 

Lady J: Kimi!

Kimi (green eyes): Sorry to scare you, I wanted to know the demon I devoured.

Little tiger: And?

Kimi: Let's say (demon wings appear) we'll just talk through each other's mind

Little tiger: Is that wise?

Kimi: For now, but we don't have have time to worry about that

Lady J: She's right, we're supposed to be shopping for Christmas

Little tiger: (smiles) Right (curious) Where's Charlie and Rey?

Kimi: (ears flap) Charlie is walking this way (flies) Rey is still shopping (lands)

(Charlie walks up to Lady J as Kimi flies down)

Kimi: Seems your shopping went well.

Charlie: Yeah

Lady J: Okay, once Rey get here we can give our presents to each other.

Kimi (surprised/freaked out): Now! 

Little tiger: Yeah, it's our family tradition, since we're always busy running a Christmas party, so we have no time to open presents.

Kimi (still surprised): Oh!

Lady J: (puts a hand on her mouth) Oh my gosh! Did we forget to tell you?

(Kimi nodded)

Lady J: I'm so sorry

Kimi: It's okay.

Charlie: So, where is Rey?

Kimi (points to clothing store): Over there 

Charlie: Alright.

(The screen switches to Rey holding a bunch of bags) 

Rey: Okay, I'm done.

(A shadow appears behind her)

(Rey looks around with intense eyes)

(The floor shakes)

Rey (trying to keep balance): Uh Oh!

(Kimi flies, while having Charlie on my back along with Little tiger and Lady J holding my hands)

Lady J: Can you sense who's causing this?

Kimi (fangs showing) (snake tongue out): He's human, but he's not in the mall anymore.

Little tiger: He couldn't have gotten far, Kimi, we need to go.

Kimi: Rey will be fine, she has protection.

(Kimi flies out of the mall, but there's a force field which hits her)

Lady J: Kimi, are you okay?

(Kimi smiles)

Kimi (demonic voice): She'll be  fine.

Little tiger (angry): Why did you take her over again?

Kimi (demonic voice): Relax (opens the force field)

(Kimi takes Little tiger, Lady J, and Charlie down by their limousine. Then flies away)

(The screen switches to Rey and Xia fighting shadow monsters)

Xia: Where are they coming from?

Rey: I don't know, but they seem to hate magic

Xia: I hope Kimi could figure that out.

Rey: She will find out. I'm sure of it.

(Episode ends with Kimi flying)


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