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A girl like you throws all the devils out of me. 
Everyone bows to temptation. 
And you are the only one guilty 
For this kind of situation. 

Men turn their heads, 
You do not look back, 
You feel safe in a world 
Where everyone attend at others life. 

You're on the devil's side, 
But you're wearing an angel face. 
Your soul is full of sin 
But it is washed through your tears. 

You know what you want 
And make a profit from their weaknesses,
 They will want your beauty,
 And you will have their money. 

They knocked many at the door of your soul,
 But it was closed so many times before. 
And now you want only to be loved. 

In the thoughts of all 
But in the arms of no one, 
You are lonely, 
Surrounded by admirers. 

I have never seen a girl like you 
Full of mystery, 
Like the Moon that goes through many phases. 

You are a desire on the lips of those 
Who cannot have you, 
You are an enigma in their thoughts.
 For me you are the only one
 Who can light my path full of darkness.


  • Jun 28, 2020

  • Jun 29, 2020

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