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Death ,death ,death 
Each voice I hear talks of death ,every path I walk I encounter death ,even in my sleep dream death ,somehow somewhere ,some one is weeping and screaming their lungs out coz' of death ,which family has not yet experiences death ,hearts break ,families families falls apart ,some are drawn I to dark places of no return coz'of death ,voids are felt ,empty spaces are I served ,hearts and minds are haunted coz'of  death ,have scientists not yet discovered the cure for death,haven't doctors yet found a prescription for death  and the learned layers found justice against the pain brought about by death ,oh yes even the herbalists discoverd a herb to eradicate death ,several visits to the outer space have not availed a planet free from death ,my eyes turn to the pastor's and priests have they not found a prayer to uproot death ,death just come and goes as it pleases ,all I see are people crying ,lying to each other to be strong ,who can withstand such a sharp pain caused by death of a loved ones ,not even my enemy deserves to die ,coz' death will their families shuttered ,shaken and felt trampled upon , this what death does ,leaves us languishing in pain,abandoning in the deepest forests ,when death arrives let them cry ,let them scream,even laugh if it makes them feel better ,don't give them advice and comfort you can't handle ,i have known death to be merciless ,wicked an bears no feelings ,it will damage your inner peace ,,we say they gone to a better place ,have you ever been to where death takes people ?all I know death will leave behind misery ,strained relationships heartaches break you to a point of no recovery ,when death calls them  stop wishing for phones to call them ,you had a chance you failed to manage it well, do you know if they wish for your call,hug them now before the hand of death hugs them ,I my walk of life I have not witnessed a greater pain than death ,yet we say rest in peace ,what do we know about the peace that lies beyond this phantom called death ,the sweet messages that come with death speeches am sure if death allowed those messages would bring them back to life ,tell them sweet things now that they can still hear your voice ,oneday they will only hear the voice of death ,death will saunter by oneday and leave you wailing like a new born baby searching for breast to suck , not knowing that it's precious mother has fallen inlove with the hands of death ,it will stop at nothing to grab anything in its way ,it will crush you ,smoother you like a smoothie ,death has no respect nor fear ,death will take a brother and leave you brother less ,a sister and leave you sister less ,a parent and render you an orphan ,a wife and deliver your singleness ,a soulmate stolen by death ,death will widow you and leave you childless ,death is a common topic among men irregardless of status and power ,learned ,rich or poor ,death's claws will find their way to your door step,unfortunately it know about manners coz'of will not await your approval to take ,death does not need to be feared ,but to be embraced coz' like a preying tiger it is coming for each and every one of us,not even billionaires can buy their way out,death is too cruel ,beyond horror and heart stopping ,but it is what it is and it's charging towards us ,not stopping for anyone at all,not even for a King nor a President ,death knows no command ,death can be delayed and maybe cheated ,I have heard people's say they ahve cheated death ,but it ain't for long ,death is like a provoked vicious  poisonous snake with no anti vernom ,death even laughed at the face of the mighty Hitler ,death had made ruthless and most feared rulers to bow down,death will humble you ,it can not be escaped  nomatter how far you run ,it will catch up with and deal brutally with those you leave behind ,death will make them curse under their breath ,cease to live even when they still have life in them ,death will make you beg to it that it should have taken you and not them ,but not to worry death will pay you a visit oneday ,hate me and be my worst enemy ,I know oneday our families will faceour common enemy death ,it will leave them deeply consumed in sorrow a bitter in explainable pain ,death will laugh at their faces ,and marvel at their tears and still leave a warning that it will be back  again. 


  • Jun 30, 2020

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