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The day before yesterday 

we’ve talk with each other, 

I’ve made you full of anger 

by not use my brain 

to think what you have say, 

it’s made you upset about it, 

you use exclamation point at me. 

How could I make you feel like this? 

I thought I should give you a break 

I’ve not disturbed you, the whole day 

yesterday, and now you’re ignored 

my messages. 

Why are you ignoring me? 

I’ve send you two messages 

you’ve not replied to any of them, 

you’re making me not feeling well 

I know you’re busy with your family 

or want some time alone, and talk to others

not with me you’re hurt me deeply

by not responding to me. 

Are you okay? 

Are you alright? 

Please reply to me, 

I’m worried about you 

whatever, you’re not responding 

its make me not feel well, 

I’m kneeling on my knees, 

I beg you talk to me. 

The more you don’t reply

the more, I get more worry about you, 

if you reply to me I’ll be feeling well. 


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