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Glad you came by last night
It was like you never left
And all those feelings I had for you
They were all there still
So we had a few drinks
Listened to some music
And we ended up in bed together
When we kissed it was magical
It felt like the first time I kissed your lips
When we touched it all felt new and fresh
Even though we had been lovers in the past

Then you asked for one more drink
I got up half naked in the half light of my room
But there was no drinks left for us
I walked back in my room
Put on another LP for us
Adjusted the lights some more
And stopped to look at you again
To admire your beauty, your body,
Remembered you how you used to be
But you hadn't changed much
After all these years
Remembered you and how much
I loved you close to me
You are more beautiful than an angel
Love you so much more than anyone else
Kept on looking at you
Until you broke the silence and my stares
"What you waiting for?" you questioned me
And like that we was back in bed
And carried on from where we left off.

 Do you know there was nothing I ever wanted more
Than to have some like you to love and admire.

  If only I could have said the right words to you
And won you over again with my charms
 But life has its own fates and destinies planned
Sometimes I wish you was still here in arms.


  • this was a very vivid dream I had one night, like to use dreams & nightmares as a source of inspiration

    Jul 02, 2020

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