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The road less travelled always is peaceful
The lack of human corruption keeps it at it's most beautiful
As time goes on, the woods around you change as well
The changing of seasons bring more
During the spring, the trees and grass are growing
If you're quiet, you can hear it
Everything is the freshest at this time
Rebirth is at its peak and the beauty is just beginning
As the days begin, the air is crisp and clean.
The smell of dew on the grass is heavy
Fog rolls in the hills and lay distantly through the woods
As you walk, your feet feel the softness of the grass
The dew tickles slightly as it runs down your feet
For a moment you stand, taking in all around you
As you look up at the canopy of leaves
You see the leaves turned upward
Funneling the dew to the center
To the roots for growth and nourishment
As you continue to walk, the day continues on
The sun continues to rise
Bringing with it the smell of warmth and anew
Flowers begin to bud and grow
With it the hope of beauty and strength begins to fill the air
The wood is still new
Brightest greens and yellows all around you
The sun is warm against your skin
Everything around has a clean and cheery feel
The colors more vibrant and clear
The air more rich and plentiful
Leaving you with a sense of peace and calmness
Unknown to many in the world
As the sun goes down, the sky begins to change
Colors of red and orange, purple and pink
Fog slowly settles in around you
Bringing with it a silence as everything around you sleeps
As you continue your walk, you feel the mist of the fog
Little, tiny droplets fall on your skin
Leaving specks of serenity in your mind
As the cold slowly sinks in to your skin
It slowly bleeds into your heart leaving behind
A peaceful and relaxing thump
Allowing your soul to feel free and safe
An exhilarating shiver flows through your body
As you look up, the stars are visible through the canopy
Bringing you to the thought of the universe
How growth is always happening
How change is a constant and life is ever flowing
The thrill of a new day, a new change
Coming when the sun rises, fills you with a determination
Something new and exciting.


  • Jun 28, 2020

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