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I was at home when I got a text said your next that text my friend got before she was found in the woods I miss her we would sneak out I heard screaming but I did not think she was in danger I wish I would've had check my crazy ex one day he said I will find you so I moved I still had a bad feeling 2 years later I found Elizabeth we sneaked out we was party she left because she got a text from my ex so I went looking for her I got a text from my ex and said come look outside she was there hanging so I screamed everybody came out and saw and were shocked I was at home for 2 week 3 months later I met a boy he told me to meet him at the park so I did I went when everybody was sleep I felt a strange feeling but I dont know he text and said come on  he walked and found me hanging from the tree and next my family was putting up missing pictures of me  and 2 months later they found us rotten and flyes around and when they checked my phone and found the last text you should have not go out so late bad thing can happen keep in mind this is my ex I am a ghost writing my story. THE END


  • Jun 27, 2020

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