Nightmare I Had Read Count : 18

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In this nightmare my fragile bones become broken,

As I hit rock bottom in a crash,

My mind alters begins formin a drama play,

On a vivid gore propped stage,

Physically I can only idle still.

I feel my blood of waves splash,

Against my internal damange slowly,

Begins to seep into a dribble spill,

Motor skills delay words spoken,

As slowly feelin others begin to prey,

The errors of my higher magic,

Represent a vision of a wizard mage.

My flesh disposed -n-decayed into trash,

All evidence enter hints of a special trial,

All excistance of a undenyable kill,

As I am immoble postion in a bamboo solid coffin,

Sacerly locked away in a solid window gold cage.

No my soul feels the healin,

By bein a hostess of a big bash,

All due to swollowin that continueous happy pill,

Numbness refills,

The uncontrolable blackout rage,

As it crumbles away as a non-edible stale blueberry muffin.

Could this be a bad day omen?

Could this be a unknown life curse?

Could this be a violent action of self-evil?

Could this be a adventureous life into hell?


Did I emerge myself into death?


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