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Underground place is start of the unknown,

The dirt wall paths are wide enough 

for single file stance,

nose to head distances seem to be barely a breath of air.

Guards in uniform,

NWO patches on there helemts an uniforms.

Pushing an shoving captures

through these tunnels underground.

All wearing knapsacks clothing.

Being forced through these underground tunnels.

Room off the end of first hallway of tunnels,

Screams an dogs growling from beyond the door.

Mouth of captures being pushed through these tunnels,

are tapped shut not to respond or make a noise,

if one made a noise was shot in head from behind them.

Seemed like hours an days were not important anymore,

down in the tunnels there is no time,

there is no thaughts,

there is no relevent life anymore,

No emotions, No responses.

Blackness of the mind,

pushing through this underground tunnel.

Behind the close door,

screams of voices being torrtured,

Dogs ripping body parts off humans,

flinging them around 

like ragdolls torn apart in pieces.

One dog head, One dog feet,

pulling them like a tug a war on a rope,

until the flesh an bone come apart,

Blood gushing an splattering,

as the dogs are gnarwling an mounting with there mouths an teeth.

Then I woke up...


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