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       It was a cold, windy amd stormy night the doors were locked, windows shut, dishes hadn't been washed. I was all snuggled up in my favourite blanket with my most comfiest and fuzziest socks. I had just finished making myself hot cocoa. I was all ready to drink it, the feeling of being comfortable was nice but it didn't last.  "Evelyn!!" "Evelyn! !"Shirley had screamed my name like a psychopath. "Yess shirley! I'm in the living room" I shouted. "Uuh... What's your problem?  I've been calling out your name, are you deaf or something?". She said frustrated but I couldnt care less. "Uum..sorry Shirley but I don't think you should scream you can startle or give someone a heart attack. You can also hurt your vocal cords."I said politely. "Uuh..shut up what do you know about my vocal cords!! I shout if I wanna. Anyways, I called you because my friends are coming over so I ned you too wash the dishes, tidy the house, and do my laundry". I couldn't believe what shirley had just said. I felt so ashamed I just had to talk back at her.
"Sorry shirley,but firstly how can your friends come in this storm?, has mom approved? and I wil do the dishes after my drink, but the house isn't messy and you can do your own laundry." I had said everything in one sentence and had to catch a breath. " I dont have to explain myself and wont explain myself to you!!, you will and must do my laundry now!!". I was so irritated by her behaviour she just kept screaming and screaming it even got to a point our neighbour asked were that screeching noise was coming from. I did laugh but in my head of course. "Shirley I'm sorry but I can't and won't do your laundry and I dont and won't explain myself to ya', you hear me." I had just giving shirley a taste of her own pizza! (As I would say it). She didnt look happy one bit, her face had turned red and ready to blow, so I just took a step back.
      Then all of a sudden, shirley reached in snagged my glass and "CRASH!!" It wasn't long before my leg started bleeding, and my mom had heard the noise. She screamed from inside "What in the hell was that noise!!?". Shirley just stood there crying but why?is it because she knew she was in trouble or what?. I cried "Shirley!  Shirley! ! Please get me some tissue, a small plaster bandage I'm bleeding!"but she just stood there still crying I was lost. Mother had finally arrived but she did not look happy, it was as if her worst nightmare had come to reality, which in this case to her it had. "Somebody start explaining before I do something I regret!!"she yelled her face burning with rage. I was just about to speak when shirley interrupted me. " it was evelyn I had made some hot cocoa for myself and shirley wanted some but I said"no"and she got mad and smashed the glass. I was bleeding but cleaned it, but she cut herself so she could look innocent". I couldnt believe thw words that came out of shirley's mouth. She had a bad habit of throwing tantrums and smashing things when she didn't get what she wanted. I tried explaining but it was to late." No, no its the other way around shirley wanted to invite her friends so she wanted me to do her laundry but i said no and she....."before I could complete my statement I felt a slap on my right cheek. "How dare you! That is so irresponsible of you, you know how much i bought that! And yet you.....I could...ahh!! Just get out I will discuss your punishment later..I took you in as my own daughter and yet you....!!!! Just get out!!" I tried explaining but she wouldnt listen so I just left in tears. I cried for hours I didn't care about my bleeding leg, I wasn't her real daughter and I wasn't shirley's and marley's real sister.
     I was adopted by shirley's mom she took me in and saved me, i lost my parents when I was just a baby ever since then I have been living here. I faced so many troubles in my life like not fitting in,but I have learnt to face them and conquer them, so I stopped crying and said" You are strong not weak, you are blessed not cursed your struggles will only make you stronger". Those were the last words I heard of my parents I said it anytime I was scared or alone. I decided to stand up to shirley and justify myself. 


  • I hope to write the next chapter, hope you all like it

    Jun 30, 2020

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