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Back to the old days in 1935 when i met my Husband Dale.

I'm an High School student, while he's in 1st year College.

We fell inlove with each other.

We are still young. But we've chose to follow our hearts.

He confess that he madly inlove with me, and so am i.

1940 when we're now Husband and Wife.

He promised that he will never let our relationship over.

He is my Romeo, and I am his Juliet.

We never believed any Promises. So we do pinky swear from each other.

"I swear i will stay for you forever, in better and for worse. In Happiness and in Loneliness. I will always Love you even tho you're mad, happy, stress and even when you're depress. Just Love me every day and I'll give you my Love wholly." 

"My Love, when the time comes that we are now in our old stage, i swear that I'll hugs you tightly when your Life is over. I'll kiss your forehead when your body is completely cold. I'll turns up my life too so that you can't never be alone. Cause that's how I Love you."


Today is our Golden Anniversary, i taught this could be my most memorable day that i ever had. But it's not.

3 years from now since he left me.

I remember when we walk unto the park, it was Saturday morning.

Then we sat unto the bench at the Murray Park.

He told me that he is sick and it is possibly that he can no longer to survive.

I cry and cry when I heard about his condition. Then he suddenly told me something.

 "Don't cry my Love, when my time has come, just don't forget the Love that we made. Don't forget to pray to God that we are still here, before i left this Earth and for you. I just want to tell you this. I will still Love you until we're gray and old."

"I Love you"
"I Love you too"



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