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I thought I won’t

find my own true love, 

until I met you

you’re so kind, 

had those traits 

within you. 

Why you’re so important to me? 

When you appear in my life 

I been never so happy before 

in the year of twenty-twenty 

we’re still with each other, 

the softer side of you and 

your pure heart so sweet. 

Why I love you so much? 

You’re gentle as a cat 

when I feel like crying, 

you begun to comfort me 

by dry my tears give me cuddle,

I never know you’re like a Prince Charming 

to me. 

Can anybody know this is love chemistry? 

What’s the world would be like without you? 

I see everywhere without colorful colors around me all, 

I can see was old nineteen thirteen film 

with flashback memory with you, 

rain cloud on top of my head. 

Why am I depressed? 

I feel cold as ice 

I’m shivering, 

in the snowstorm 

my heart froze like ice, 

feel like something 

hit me hard thousand pieces

of my heart shattered. 

Why am I feel miserable? 

Without you

there’s nothing to believe in 

being with you I feel like, 

I can see the bright light 

everywhere I go all the beautiful colors 

coming back, 

I see the blue sky and the sunlight 

turn into rainbow and butterflies, 

fly happily makes me want to slide 

down the rainbow

I’m up the cloud nine, 

I feel like jump on the trampoline

without stopping, 

I’m lucky to got to know you 

got to met you. 

Why I feel like you’re my sunlight to my life? 

I love the way you made me laugh 

I love the way you comfort me, 

I’m so happy 

to become your girlfriend, 

you mean to me a lot more 

you’re so special to me 

you’re so precious to my heart. 

How much do I love you with all of my heart? 

You’re so precious than a jewel 

give you my whole heart, 

I’m here for you if you need me 

if you feel like crying

I’ll give you my shoulder, 

oh my babe you’re my sweetie 

whatever you’re feeling, 

let me know I want to help

but I’m your girlfriend I want to love you.

Why we love each other so passionate? 

Let yourself drop onto my capable hands 

I want to give you my love, 

all those years you been so kind 

and sweet, I want to give you in return

I want to say to you, I never have say before 

you’re only one for me, 

I been searching for you 

for all those years I finally 

have found you make you mine. 

I’m so lucky to had met you’re the person who, 

have change me who I am today 

I can’t be done without you,

I really appreciate everything you do for me, 

I’m so happy get to be part of your life.  

I can’t wait to be with you rest of your life

you’re truly the one, just right for me 

I love you so much my love for you, 

I want to give all of my heart to you, 

I want you to feel special person 

in the world I love my babe. 


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