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In an orphanage, there are two 4-year-old girls: one with long dark brown hair, wearing a black dress and another with smooth black hair.

The girls are holding an adult's hands and get led to a room.

In the room, there are a bunch of people.

"Meet Mariah and Kanisha, they are new", said A female adult. "Go have fun".

Mariah hides behind The adult's leg.

"Awww! She's shy", somebody pointed out.

"There's no need to be shy", said the adult, getting on her knees.

The adult has curly black hair, white skin, wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. The adult's name is Stephanie.

"Okay", said Stephanie.

Mariah nodded.

I looked at Mariah with a smile.

Mariah noticed me, then holds out her hand and says "Friend?"

I shaked her hand and says "Friends".

We smiled and laughed.

"How cute!" exclaimed A girl.

"My name is Sadie Brown", said a second girl.

Sadie has long spiky black hair, wearing a white shirt, blue skirt, and white socks.

"You can call me Big sis", said Sadie, with a smile.

"Big Sis", said Mariah.

"That's right", Sadie pats Mariah on her head.

Sadie looks at me and says "How about you?"

"Big Sis", I said.

Sadie hugs me and Mariah, and says "You two are so cute".

Two years later, we are six years old.

Mariah is wearing a pink shirt, green skirt and white shoes.

I'm wearing a white coat, blue shirt, light blue pants, and white shoes.

We are wearing bookbags.

 I have an orange bookbag. 

Mariah has a blue bookbag.

Sadie takes us to a school, Mariah is riding on her back and I'm holding her hand.

"Are you nervous?" Sadie asks us.

"Yea", Mariah admitted.

"A little bit", I said.

"It's alright, I went to kindergarten here, and it was alright", said Mariah.

"I agree", said A girl who has long curly blue hair.

This girl has a red shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes.

Sadie squeal and high five the girl.

"Sadie!" exclaimed The girl.

"Tina!" exclaimed Sadie.

Tina hugs Sadie.

"Whoa!" gasped Sadie, holding onto Mariah.

"So, this is your two little sisters", said Sadie, and looks at us.

"Yeah, the girl on the back is Mariah and the girl by my leg is Kanisha", said Sadie.

"Hi, I'm Tina, Sadie's best friend", said Tina, with a smile.

I shaked her hand.

Mariah shakes Tina's hand.

"They seem quiet", said Tina. "No need to be nervous".

Sadie and Tina take us to the principal's office.

The principal welcomes us and offers to take us to our classroom. 

We wave goodbye to Sadie and Tina.

The Principal takes us to the class.

"Everybody, here's two new students: Kanisha and Mariah", said The Principal.

"Hello, my name is Crystal", said a girl who has sparkly hair, and winks.

"Hello", I said.

"Hello", said Mariah.

"You want to play?" asked Crystal.

"Sure", said Mariah.

We followed Crystal to a puzzle-like carpet.

Crystal runs around with Mariah and I chasing after her.

"Hmmm... I thought they were shy", said The principal.

"I guess not around other kids", said The teacher.

"Interesting", The principal smiled.

Crystal, Mariah, and I are dancing around.

Finally, we calmed down and were sitting on the carpet.

"So, you want to be best friends?" asked Mariah.

"Of course", said Crystal.

"Will you be my friend?" I asked Crystal.

"Of course, you two are best together", said Crystal, hugging Mariah and I.

Mariah and I laugh.

At recess, Mariah and I are swinging on a swing set.

A song is being played by Crystal as we swing on the swing set.

It's called 'Best friends' by Kimi

This one's for you Lovers in a different dimension ,

The butterfly took off and went to a tree

Above a pink flower she saw a bumblebee

They both were lively and also joyous and strong

Together over the field they flew to the town and beyond


We are jolly good friends and always stay together

We fly up in the sky and reach the cinema forever

And there we spend our strength having more peace than ever

And if you think we’re strange you’re incorrect because we’re clever

Then they were so fast it didn’t take too long

But now they were unclean and reached for a pond

In a short while they found a limpid solitary pool

And drank the crystal water because it was so cool


We are a group and always talk together

We fly up to a coffee shop and reach the waterfall forever

And there we spend our strength having more joy than ever

And if you think we’re fools you’re not seeing things well because we’re clever

They worked out their wings were tired and set off to go back home

But not before leaving a gift on a stone

Probably the time was here to join in the funny game

And because they were happy they took a fast plane


We are jolly good friends and always sit together

We fly up towards a fairy-tale and reach our goal forever

And there we spend our will having more a hamburger than ever

And if you think we’re strange you’re amiss because we’re clever

The song ends, when we jump off the ground and land amazingly.

Crystal claps along with the other kindergartners.

"Thank you", said Mariah.

"Thank you", I said.

"Can I take a picture of you two, Mariah put your arm around Kanisha's?" asked Crystal.

"Okay", said Mariah.

Mariah puts her arm over Kanisha and Crystal takes a picture.

"How did you two become friends?" asked Crystal.

"We live together", said Mariah and I together.

"Are you sisters?" asked Crystal.

"No", said Mariah and I.

"Step sisters?" asked Crystal.

"No", said Mariah and I.

"We are orphans that live together, we just consider each other friends", said Mariah and I.

"Oh! Oh! That makes sense", Crystal.

Mariah and I look at each other with the face that says 'seriously'.

After school, Mariah and I are walking out of the school and see Sadie with Crystal.

"Crystal, is your home this way too?" I asked Crystal.

"No, I want to see your place", said Crystal.

"You do?" We asked.

"Yup, can I?" asked Crystal.

We looked at Sadie.

"Sure, why not?" Sadie shrugs.

We took Crystal's hands and run to the orphanage with Sadie following.

We are all smiling.

Crystal enters the orphanage and sees a lovely building with many stairs and a wonderful sparkly floor.


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